I’ve never ever officially been punched in the face by a jealous boyfriend in my life, but I’ve come close on a few occasions. Granted, those times were mostly in my younger days, but I feel liek that is the best way to answer the question people always seem to want to ask me when they findout that I write erotic romance.
There’s a good chance that you are reading this right now and have no idea who the hell I am. The internet has made it easier for people to answer just about any question they may have, so if you’re so inclined, I’ll let you use it to do just such a thing at the moment. But please, try to stay focused while you are out there searching. I don’t want you coming back here with spoilers about the next episode of The Walking Dead.
I was a terrible flirt back in my younger days. I can actually hear the eyerolls. “Younger days”. But it’s true. I had a slow start with girls, not actually having my first kiss until I was 16. Which would astound you if you’d known me back then, because I was super-cute and a hot commodity at my high school when it came to the ladies. But after that kiss, I quickly became quite enamoured with the female population.
I am well aware that women as a species (and what a glorious species it is) love the idea of the chase. Women love to be pursued. They love to be wooed and seduced. What I don’t think a lot of women ever fully know or appreciate, is that men enjoy it just as much. It’s true, the culmination of the flirting and courting is the main goal, don’t get it twisted, the flirting and chasing and seducing is fun, but I do eventually want to have my hands all over that body, girl. And that I think is what led me to the place in my writing career that I am at now. I found a way to use writing, to use my words to seduce women en masse, without the threat of a punch to the nose. 
Liek in the latest book I co-authoured with my writing partner and friend Sable Hunter. The lead male in the book, Micah Wolfe, is the quintessential flirt. Never does Micah miss an opportunity to make a women blush in his presence. I find I can connect better with a character liek this, with a character in a story who finds himself so utterly and completely consumed with a woman that he almost can’t help himself, he acts over the top, he enjoys her attention as much as she enjoys his and he’ll take risks to get it. Writing what I do gives me that opportunity. It gives me that opportunity to have that thrill of that first meeting of the characters. It gives me the opportunity to live that moment over and over and over again, that moment where he sees her and right away he knows he wants to spend more time with her. It’s liek writing a first date, a first kiss, a first touch of bare skin, again and again and again. 
Male or female, we all know that feeling, the rush, those butterflies of nervousness we all get when you meet someone and it just clicks, or you meet them and it doesn’t click, but by God do you ever want it to click. And that’s what I found in the books that I write. I’ll be honest, I don’t know why more writers and especially male writers, don’t give it a shot. 
But then again, maybe it’s better for me that they don’t 

*Article taken from The Book Escape Ezine

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Samson and Gideon stood at the window, watching the McCoys head down the drive. “I don’t have to ask you what you’re thinking,” Gideon muttered at Samson’s side. “I can feel it.” “Yea, she bowled me over. Tonight wasn’t the right time, but I think we should make our move.” Samson leaned his forearm on the window sill, gazing out into the night. “She’s sweet, soft, smart and sexy as hell.” “Just the thought of something happening to her and we never got the chance to meet her…touch her.” Gideon turned abruptly, heading to the tray and pouring himself another drink. “Unthinkable,” Samson agreed. “Our only problem will be convincing her to accept us both.” Gideon laughed. “If you think that will be our only problem, you didn’t meet the same group of cowboys tonight that I did. Those McCoy men would die for their sisters. And I have the feeling they’re pretty traditional.” “I guess we’ll just have to convince them as well as Ryder.” Samson drained his glass and set it on the tray. “How do you think we should proceed?” Gideon tried to ignore his cock, which had been hard anytime she was near. “Slowly and with as much finesse as possible.” “No, what I mean is should we be honest from the start or should just one of us pursue her first and…?” Gideon interrupted Samson. “Gradually get her used to the idea of a threesome?” The brothers could always finish one another’s sentences. From the time they were born, their connection was inexplicable to other people. There were times, when emotions ran high, the Dukes just knew and could feel what the other was thinking and experiencing. “Yea, I guess.” Samson mused. Gideon heard his brothers unspoken concern. “We’ve done that in the past and I don’t it’s a good idea with Ryder. I prefer we were honest from the beginning. This is just too important – she’s too important. If Ryder can’t accept us for who we are, there’s no use putting our hearts on the line by getting involved in a dead-end relationship.” “I’m not sure she picked up on it, but we didn’t exactly hide it from her tonight.” Samson recalled all that had been said. He also remembered how she felt in his arms, how beautiful her face was to him, and how her curvy little body was beyond delectable. They would give her more pleasure than she’d ever dreamed. “True.” Gideon laughed. “I wish I could read her thoughts as easily as I can yours.” “Damn, I’ve going to bed.” He clapped his brother on the back and headed up the stairs to his suite. “I’m right behind you,” Gideon called out, knowing he’d be doing the exact same thing his brother would be doing. Fantasizing about Ryder McCoy. Upstairs, Samson shed his clothes, tossing them in the hamper. Even though they had household help, he was by nature a neat person. Even though he and his brother enjoyed sharing their women, each had their own private space. Since moving to central Texas, they hadn’t participated in their favorite form of eroticism, but the size of their beds certainly allowed for the possibility. Samson and Gideon were big men, and their choice of furniture reflected the amount of room it would take to play with their woman of choice. Custom made beds, oversize chairs and an in-suite hot tub was just a few of the built-in luxuries they’d had installed in their new home. Needing to relax, Samson grabbed a towel and headed for the Jacuzzi tub. As he passed the bed, he imagined Ryder stretched out between them, her beautiful body bare to their hands and lips. “Ah, yea.” He rubbed his cock. “Making you feel good would be such a pleasure.” Stepping over the side, he lowered himself into the bubbling waters and sighed. The warm water churning against his skin felt incredible. Leaning back against the side, Samson closed his eyes and took his cock in hand. As he stroked himself, he thought of Ryder’s sweet scent. He couldn’t wait to see her breasts, suck her nipples, find out how sweet her little clit would be on his tongue. “Fuck, baby.” She’d said yes to his phone call, he prayed she’d say yes to seeing them again. Up and down, he pumped his dick. The silkiness of the hot water against his skin a poor substitute for the creamy heat of Ryder’s pussy. For years they’d searched for the one woman they could call their own, one who would love them both, be receptive to their needs and desires – want them as much as they would cherish her. “Oh, yea, let me love you, baby.” As he worshiped Ryder in his mind, his whole body bowed, shafts of fire licked at his balls. His hips bucked in the water, sending little waves beating against the sides. “Ryder!” he shouted as his cum boiled up, jetting out of his body in white ribbons of ecstasy. In the opposite wing, Gideon was having a similar fantasy. He stood in the shower, his back against the smooth marble wall, fisting his cock. Tonight they might have met the woman of their dreams. He treasured the memory of how his lips had felt on her skin, how her breasts had rested on his forearm as she’d nestled against him astride the horse. Drops of water glistened on his heaving chest as he let go, sending plumes of cum shooting across the tile. “I’ll take you to heaven, baby. Just give me a chance.” After finishing his shower, Gideon dried himself off with a Roma bath towel from Neiman Marcus that his housekeeper informed him cost a hundred and sixty dollars when she’d found it wadded up in the tub. He pulled on a pair of Hermes woven boxers with two fourteen karat gold buttons on the waistband which had been on sale at five hundred dollars a pair. The sheets on his bed were one thousand thread count made by Charlotte Thomas, the price for these bed linens per his decorator’s invoice were a cool twenty-four hundred dollars. No creature comfort had been spared in their home and their five car garage held a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, a Porsche and a King Ranch pick-up. The Duke brothers wanted for nothing money could buy. Yet – something was missing. The value of material things fades fast if there’s no one to share them with – no one to make smile. That night as they closed their eyes in sleep, both would have given most anything they owned to have Ryder McCoy lying next to them.



Aron McCoy has sworn off women - except for sex. When Libby Fontaine arrives at Aron's Tebow Ranch, she is determined to cram a lifetime of living into a few short months. The doctor has told her that she can't count on her remission from leukemia being a permanent one. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous and overwhelming. But when Aron finds out that Libby is innocent - he backs off. He has nothing to offer a girl who deserves white lace and promises. Then Aron catches Libby pleasuring herself in his stock tank and hears her cry out his name - and the heat is on. 

Texas Lone Star (Available in the Cowboy Justice 12 Pack)
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Dallas McClain is a busy man – far too busy to fall in love. He is a Texas Ranger, a volunteer firefighter and a man with a plan to own his own ranch someday. But for now he’s chasing criminals and putting out fires – everywhere but his own bed. Dallas loves women, what he doesn’t have time for is a relationship or a family. Until… he meets Haley.
Haley Richards is under attack. Shots have been fired through her window, animals have been poached off her land and someone is rustling her cattle. If she doesn’t get help, Haley will lose her home. The local Sheriff can’t seem to help, so he calls in a Texas Ranger to do the job.
The moment Dallas meets Haley, sparks fly. They can’t seem to get along for a minute, but the attraction between them is hard to deny. Abandoned by her husband, she is struggling to keep her home and family intact. She doesn’t trust men as far as she can throw them, but Dallas seems to be different. Despite his aggravating personality, she can tell he’s a man of honor. And when her little girl, Sadie, decides Dallas is going to be her new daddy… Well, let’s say all bets are off. A determined female, no matter if she is pint-sized, is hard to ignore.