For those of you who loved HER MAGIC TOUCH, here is another hot cowboy story with a touch of the paranormal. I think you’ll like Bryn as much as you liked Cady, and Denver is a keeper, for sure.

Here’s the blurb, the cover, the pre-order link and an excerpt

.What could a rough, tough cowboy and a beautiful ex-nun have in common?
Not much, but opposites attract. 
Oh, hell yeah, they do.
Denver Bolden thinks the sun rises and sets in Bryn Harmon’s smile and he’s bound and determined to make her his. Once he’s tasted her kiss, he can think of little else. The woman is a fascinating mix of innocence and sensuality. Wooing her becomes his obsession and the passion they share is something he’s unwilling to give up.
Regardless of the cost.
As secrets are revealed and mysteries arise, it seems their chance at love might slip away.
Could a miracle bring them together?
                                                                          Only heaven knows.

Bryn gets a driving lesson! For you Ryan O’Leary fans, he is co-authoring ONLY HEAVEN KNOWS with me and this is one of his scenes. All I did was come in and tweak it a bit, we call it Sableizing, so it fits in seamlessly with the scenes I write. But you’ll know, this one has Ryan written all over it.
“Not so fast, little girl. A vehicle is like a lady. You gotta take care of her. Learn what oil she likes and make sure she’s always fed the right fuel. There’s more to driving then just hopping behind the wheel and going vroom.”
Bryn was feeling practical and eager so she stated the obvious. “Well, I don’t own a car. Remember? So, none of that matters, I just want to go vroom.”
Denver tapped a finger on his lips. “Well, you’re right about that.” Opening the driver’s side door wide, he gestured for her to climb into the seat. Guiding her in with a helping hand, he struggled to keep his free hand from spanking that sweet tush of hers. “Put your hands on the wheel.”
Bryn extended both arms but she could barely touch the worn leather. “It’s kinda far.” She sat up as straight as possible. “And I can’t see over the hood.”
“Well hell, I’ve probably got at least a foot on you.” Reaching down beside her, he pushed a button and Bryn’s seat moved up and nearer the wheel.
Denver again smiled to himself at how cute she was. “Better?”
“Still a little far from the wheel.”
“We might need to get you a booster seat. I think I have a tractor manual or two in the tool box. Maybe you can sit on those.”
Bryn wanted to swat him but she was loving how the steering wheel felt under her fingers. “I can see the road well enough! Let’s go, you’re as slow as Christmas.”
“You are a hyper little thing, aren’t you? You comfortable? Feet reach the pedals okay?”
Bryn pumped the gas and the brake pedal with both feet. “They can. I’m all set.”
“One last thing. Hands off the wheel.” Pulling the seatbelt out, he started to guide it across in front of her. When Bryn fidgeted with excitement, Denver’s left forearm grazed across her breast. “Oops. Sorry.”
“It’s okay.” The feel of his body rubbing against her chest sent a charge to Bryn’s feminine area and her thighs began to tingle. She wished he’d do it again, but the click of the belt finding its home put an end to the closeness of his hands to her body. Dratz.
Coming around to the passenger side, Denver slid into the middle of the cab seat right beside her.
“Do I need to adjust my mirrors or anything?”
“Look at you, knowing things,” Denver said with a smile. “Hit those little buttons on the armrest beside you until you can see out both side mirrors.”
Bryn fiddled with the buttons, bringing the mirrors in and then down, then up, then down again.
“This is cutting into your vroom time,” Denver told her when it became apparent that she was just tickled by the technology.
“I know, but it’s so much fun.” She played for a moment longer and then put her hands in her lap. “Okay. I’m done.”
He took a minute to show her where the signals were located and how the brake and gas pedals worked.
“Left side stops. Right side goes.”
Bryn repeated at his insistence. “Left stop. Right go.”
“Perfect. You are the best student I’ve ever had. Ready to fire it up?”
Bryn tried to bounce up and down in her seat but the belt caught at her motion and held her in place. “Well, I guess the seatbelt works.”
“Yea, it looks good.”
“Never mind.” He tried not to look at how the seat crossed right between her breasts, and how they both looked so round and soft to touch. “Here you go.” Denver held out a silver keychain shaped like the state of Texas. On it hung one single key to the truck. “Slide it in and turn her on.”
God. He felt so dirty after saying that, but he couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to sink his cock all the way inside of the sweet, little honey sitting beside him. Luckily for him, Bryn was so innocent that again, his slightly sexual phrase didn’t register with her at all.
Bryn snatched the key and stabbed it into the ignition. Cranking it, she held in the start position for much longer than she needed to and Denver cringed at the noise the engine made.
Turning to face him, Bryn’s mouth formed an O. “Was that bad?”
“Rookie mistake,” Professor Bolden told her. “I should’ve explained a bit better. Now, you’re going to pull that little level I showed you on the steering wheel.” Bryn grasped the gear shift and was about to pull it down into gear. “Hang on!”
Bryn took her hand off the shifter and the wheel as fast as she could. “What? What did I do?”
“Foot on the brake before you put it in gear.”
“Phew. I thought I blew up the engine or something.”
“Nope. Just always have the brake on. Go ahead and put her in gear.”
Bryn eyed the letters in front of her on the dash. Tentatively, she pulled the truck into gear and felt it lurch a touch. “Oh! It moved!” She turned to the handsome man beside her. “It moved Denver! I drove a bit there for a second.”
“Yes, you did. A full quarter of an inch. Now how about we go a little further. Hands tight on the wheel and ease your foot off the brake slowly.”
Suddenly, Bryn’s excitement was replaced by uncertainty and doubt began to creep in.
“Are we gonna go today?” Denver asked after watching her hesitate for a few moments.
Bryn checked her mirrors once, twice, and then a third time. “Are you sure nobody is coming?”
“Miss Bryn, this road has very little traffic. We could sit here all day and I’d be surprised if we saw a mule pulling a cart go by, let alone traffic.”
Another mirror check was called for. “Okay. Here I go.”
Letting her foot off the brake slowly, the truck began to move forward.
“Good. Good. Just take it slow and when you’re comfortable, give it a little gas.”
She did exactly as he said and when she felt comfortable, Bryn pushed down on the gas with considerable force and the truck took off, nearly lifting the front tires off the ground in the process.
“Sweet Jesus!” Denver was instantly pinned back against his seat.
In the panic of the moment, Bryn hammered the gas pedal even harder, burying the needle and they were off.
“Brake!” Denver shouted as they careened toward the side of the road.
Bryn went over what he had said in her head. “Left stop. Right go.”
Lifting her foot off the gas, she brought it down hard on the brake and Denver slid forward, bracing for impact with a hand on the dash. “Sweet Jesus!” he repeated, feeling the crunch of his wrist as it bent backwards.
“Oh, my goodness, Denver! Are you okay?” She looked on as the hunk beside her tried to right himself.
“Brake!” Denver hollered again when Bryn lost focus and lifted her foot off the pedal. Again, he was jarred forward when she stomped on the brake one more time. “Could you please do me a favor, darlin’? Could you put the truck in park for a second?”
Bryn scrambled to put the gear in P then took her hands off the wheel and sat back in her seat cringing. “I’m so sorry.” She watched Denver get out of the car. “Denver. I am so, so, so sorry.” She raced around the front of the truck to his side.
Bent at the waist, Denver was clutching his damaged wrist with his other hand. “It’s okay. It’s my fault.”
“Are you hurt?”
Straightening himself out, Denver turned his back so she wouldn’t see the grimace on his face. “It’s an old injury. I just aggravated it. It’s not your fault.” His wrist felt like a hive of bees was buzzing under the skin.
Bryn felt terrible. When he turned around to face her, he tried to mask the pain with a smile, but she could still see it.
“Let’s try again shall we?” Denver said.
“Let me see.” Going to him, Bryn reached her hand out and Denver gave his willingly.
“See? I’m okay.” He let her touch it, fighting back the anguish when she moved it slightly. “It always hurts when I bang it or jam it.” Denver could tell she felt awful and he didn’t want her to feel even worse. “I bumped it the other day. That’s probably when it happened. Just re-aggravated it a bit is all. I’m fine.”
Bryn wrapped her tiny hands around his big wrist. “Your skin feels warm. Let me hold it still for a moment. This might help.” Concentrating her focus, she kept her face as neutral as could be, her mind dwelling on his pain. She didn’t do something like this often, Sister Mary Estelle had warned her how dangerous it could be.
People won’t understand and if word ever gets out what you can do, you’ll never be able to do anything else.
She understood what the Sister tried to teach her – but this was different – this was Denver. Giving his wrist another soft rub with the palm of her hand, she asked, “Is that better?”
He lied, it still stung like hell, but Denver wasn’t going to admit it. “Yea, it is, actually.” He flexed it and covered the pain the movement caused. “So? Shall we try again?”
Her enthusiasm for the moment had waned a bit, but Bryn was still eager to get back behind the wheel. “Are you sure?”
Denver was already pulling open the passenger’s side door with his uninjured hand. “Do you know what you did wrong back there?”
“I hit the gas too hard?”
“Yes, and the brake too hard.”
Bryn’s smile was now totally gone.
“You’re brand new, Bryn. It was a reasonable mistake, baby. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Okay? I probably did the same thing my first time and so have millions of other people. Don’t get so down on yourself. Like anything, it takes practice. There’s a lot going on and all at once. Driving well takes time, but I know you can do it. So, let’s saddle up and try again.”
“I’m sorry,” Bryn reasserted when she was behind the wheel again and buckled in.
This time Denver fastened his seatbelt. “Don’t worry about it. Now, whenever you’re ready, pull us out.”
Bryn was laser locked on what she was doing this time. She went through her list of things to remember, there was no way she would make the same mistake twice. Slipping the truck into gear, she let off the brake and when the truck started to move, she gently put her foot on the gas.
"I’m doing it, Denver! I’m driving!”
Denver was grinning from ear to ear. He had to reach out once to make sure she was pointed in the right direction, but Bryn took to driving quickly and they eased down the road at a comfortable pace until she wanted to pull over and turn around.
By this time, the pain in Denver’s wrist was completely gone. The relief didn’t register with him until Bryn asked if they could turn the radio on while she drove.
“Sure. A little background noise never hurts.” Denver stuck out his injured hand and flipped on the radio. His confidence in Bryn’s driving was growing by leaps and bounds. He even felt comfortable enough to suggest she drive them to her place.
Pulling the truck into her driveway, Bryn was beside herself with excitement. “I just drove myself home.” She put the vehicle in park and turned to Denver. “Oh, thank you Denver. You have made me the happiest girl in the world.” To heck with what people might think about her exuberant gratitude. Scooching across the seat, she locked her arms around his shoulders and gave him the biggest hug she could manage.
“You did good,” Denver told her when she pulled back. Looking right at her lips, he wanted to kiss her so badly he ached. Only the memory of her rejection kept him from trying again this soon. He didn’t need a gratitude kiss, he ached for her to need him as much as he wanted her.
Bryn froze, thinking he might kiss her. Hoping he might kiss her. When the moment passed and he didn’t, she was filled with disappointment.
When he began to speak, she trembled a little. 
“I was thinking I could come replace a few boards on your porch one night soon. Would that be okay?”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to take advantage of our friendship.”
“I’m doing these things for me, Bryn. I worry about you. I lay in bed at night thinking you might step through your porch and twist your ankle or something.”
Bryn flew back into his arms. “You are so incredible, Denver Bolden. The day I met you was the best day of my life.”
Denver cradled her to him, trying to calm his body. He wanted her so much. “You’re welcome, love.”
When she stepped out of his arms this time, Denver took his leave, promising to call her when he could finalize their plans.
“See you soon.” She waved a goodbye.
Once he was in his truck, he lifted a hand in farewell. “See you later, little girl,” he said, watching her reflection in the rearview mirror until he could see her no more. “You’re gonna be the death of me yet,” he whispered as he rubbed a hand over the rock-hard erection in his jeans.
Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. The preorder link is below and it will release on November 8th, just a few weeks away.

Love, Sable.
Preorder: Only Heaven Knows: Hell Yeah!

WOW! I’ve been spinning around in circles. I cleaned house this morning – remember, last week I was worrying about it. I also packed up my swag to send to Wyoming AND I finished the GUIDE TO THE HELL YEAH! World. Let me tell you a little bit about this insider’s collector book. It has everything you need to know about the original hell yeah – all 22 books! Covers, blurbs, list of characters, a playlist, insider notes from the author, even blogs that were written while I was penning the book. There is also a generous excerpt for each book plus a heads up about what characters are getting a book for themselves. There’s also a section about the new HELL YEAH! Kindle World books and – I’m excited about this – a novella that is new and available NOWHERE ELSE. The name of this short book is A McCoy’s Favorite Sport and follows Aron and Libby & Heath and Cato on a trip together – a trip that is a comedy of errors but also includes some hot McCoy sex – of course! 
Let me show you the cover.

Now, let me show you something else – this book will soon go up on preorder – 

Here’s a taste –

“You’re right.” He gave her a sensual look. “I feel very blessed right now.” They rode deeper into Falconhead land where the trees were thicker – ancient live oaks and massive pecans whose branches hung low enough to be used as benches or places where small children could climb up and lay down for a nap, warmed by the dappled sunshine. “Look.”

Ryder let her gaze follow his pointing hand and what she saw made her gasp with wonder. Ahead lay a small clearing lit by thousands of tiny white lights that had been strung in the trees. A table and chairs sat in the middle adorned with flowers, a white table cloth and candles. “How beautiful,” Ryder breathed. The closer they came, the more she could see, the table was set with china and dishes covered with silver domes awaited them. All of it looked like a fantasy scene that had jumped right off the pages of a magazine…especially the dark, handsome man who stood there waiting for them.


“Yes, Gideon is waiting for us.”

Everything Ryder thought she knew and understood about what was going on between her and Samson flew out the window. Wasn’t this a date? What was his brother doing here?

“I…don’t understand,” Ryder muttered as Gideon stepped forward to meet them, coming to Ryder with a smile on his face. His dark hair tousled in an I don’t give a shit fashion that he wore so well.

“Hello, Ryder. It’s so good to see you. I’m glad you could join us.”

Ryder looked at Gideon, then back at Samson. “Hello.” Her mind and heart were in turmoil. She shivered with excitement, but that excitement was accompanied by a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Truth slipped from her lips before she could call it back. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

Instead of seeming disturbed, Gideon gave her a heated look, reaching up to lift her from the mare’s back. “You didn’t tell her I’d be joining you, Samson?”

Ryder allowed his hands on her body. Truth be told, she enjoyed his touch. Confused, she looked from one brother to the other. “What’s going on?” She couldn’t fathom their motives. Was this some kind of joke? Were they having fun at her expense? Despite the holdings and wealth her family had accumulated, she wasn’t sophisticated – she was just Ryder. “Are you two making fun of me?”

Samson dismounted and came to stand near to Ryder. She was surrounded by two men who overwhelmed her senses. Each in their own way – one light, one dark – each possessed enough raw male beauty to take her breath away.

His smile had faded and his expression was completely sincere. “We would never make fun of you. You, Ryder McCoy, have captured our complete attention in no way any other woman has in a long, long time.”

 “He’s right,” Gideon whispered. “You’ve taken over our dreams, overwhelmed our senses. I’ve been able to think of nothing else.”

“I don’t understand.” Ryder shivered as she felt Samson run his hand beneath her hair, caressing her neck. He wasn’t the only one touching her, however. His brother ran a finger down her arm from elbow to wrist, causing frisson of excitement to rise along the path. “I thought Samson and I were here on a date. And now…” She closed her eyes and swallowed nervously. “Am I supposed to choose?”

Samson chuckled. “No, sweetheart. This isn’t some kind of weird competition between us.”

“No, Ryder, no competition.” Gideon took the same finger he used to caress her arm and lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes. “We share.”

Ryder heard his voice, but she couldn’t process the meaning of his words. “Share?”

“Surrender to us, Ryder,” Samson whispered, his lips branding the sensitive skin of her neck. “We’ll give you more pleasure than you ever knew possible.”

“Just a chance, Ryder,” Gideon murmured as he kissed her palm. “You’ll be the center of our attention, the focus of our passion. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for you.”

In a haze of confused excitement, Ryder trembled at their touch. “Both of you want me?”

“More than you’ll ever know,” Gideon pressed her small hand between both of his, engulfing it in secure warmth.

Fantasies warred with expectations. Ryder’s heart raced as a wild, raging desire rose within her, trying to override all she believed, all she’d ever held to be true. “I can’t.”

“Oh, yes, you can.” Samson moved in front of her, taking her face in his hands, capturing her mouth with his. Giving her one long kiss after another, only pausing so they could take a breath.

“Don’t kiss me, please.” Her voice didn’t sound convincing as she blindly sought Samson’s mouth again with her own.

“We have to,” Gideon teased in her ear, “look at all the mistletoe.”

“What mistletoe? It isn’t Christmas,” she whimpered, her body on fire, her nipples as hard as river washed pebbles.

“Look up, beautiful, it’s all around us.” Samson pressed his lips to the upper swell of her breast.

In an erotic daze, Ryder lifted her head and saw the hundreds of green clumps hanging from the branches of the oaks like lush decoration. Her action exposed the creamy expanse of her neck and Gideon took advantage, blanketing her from behind. As she gave herself over to Samson Duke’s hunger, his brother’s lips blazed a hot trail across the tender flesh of her shoulder. “You won’t be sorry. We’ll worship your body, fulfil your every fantasy.”

As surely as she could feel their excitement, their hard aroused bodies pressing against her front and back, Ryder could feel her resolve slipping. She wasn’t afraid of these two men, they’d never hurt her, they’d proven that. She was afraid of herself, afraid of what she wanted – of what she couldn’t have.

“No!” Pulling away, she broke apart from them. They didn’t try to stop her, they only stood watching as she backed away, an unspeakable sadness on their faces. “I have to go. I shouldn’t be here. This is wrong. I’m not the type of woman you need.”

“You’re all we need,” Samson beseeched her, holding out his hand. “Let us show you how good it can be.”

“Give us a chance, Ryder.” Gideon stared at her with a hooded intense gaze.

“I wish I…” With a choked sob, Ryder turned and ran from the grove of oak trees, catching the horse’s bridle. Through a haze of tears, she mounted and rode back to the Highlands as if the devil himself were on her heels.

She saw nothing she passed – not Jaxson leading a breed bull by a bridle, not Tennessee driving a huge tractor from the hayfield – Ryder was intent only on reaching the house and the sanctuary of her room.

Entering the barn, she gave an apologetic glance at one of the ranch hands. “Would you make sure this horse is tended and returned to Falconhead, Hanse. I don’t feel well.”

“Of course, Miss Ryder.”

Without looking back, Ryder ran across the yard, barely glancing at the rose garden she and her sister lovingly tended in their mother’s memory. She only hoped Pepper wasn’t home. At the moment what she needed most was to be alone with her thoughts.

Flinging open the door to her suite, she flung herself on the bed and let the tide of despair wash over her. 

Ryder felt like her heart was being torn in two. How could they do this to her? She didn’t know what to think. “I can’t choose. Don’t make me choose.”

The tormented whisper echoed in the empty room, and even as she said the words, she didn’t really know what they meant.

Was she talking about choosing between Samson and Gideon?

Her feelings for both men were so far beyond anything she’d ever felt or imagined feeling for a man that denying them was impossible.

Or was she talking about choosing between what she wanted more than air…and her family?

There was no question…a decision like she was tempted beyond measure to make would crumble the very foundation of the McCoy clan. Her brothers would never understand and the impact on her father could be deadly.

“I don’t know what to do.” Ryder sobbed into her pillow, realizing her happiness might come with a price tag higher than she was willing to pay.

And remember – this one is up on preorder now!

This is going to be an emotional, sensual read, this excerpt isn’t sexy – but it touches my heart.


Oak Hill Plantation - 1816

“I don’t understand.” Jolie held her bare arm next to Charlotte’s. They lay on the floor of the attic basking in a bright beam of sunlight. “My skin isn’t any darker than yours.”

They compared their little arms. They did look the same, small, still baby round. The only difference they could see was that Charlotte had a smattering of reddish freckles where Jolie had only one or two darker freckles. “Mama called them beauty spots, Grandmere called them moles.” She wrinkled her nose and let her finger trace over her skin. “I’m not sure why, moles are those blind little creatures that live in the dirt.

“Yea, I don’t understand either. You look okay to me. I’m not sure why mother says you’re different but you are, I guess.” She raised up on her elbows. “Do you feel different?”

Jolie rolled to her back. “No, I feel like me. Abraham was darker, his skin looked like the fine obsidian stone that Grandmere used to wear for protection. She said it came from a volcano that stood right behind her home on Martinique. But when we would catch our skin on bramble bushes, the color of our blood was exactly the same.” She rolled over to gaze at Charlotte. “What does that mean? How can we be different if we’re all the same on the inside?”

Charlotte sighed. “I don’t know, Jolie. I don’t understand a lot of things. Like ciphering. I hate numbers. And I don’t want to learn how to speak French.” A sudden smile lit up her face. “Was your grandmother a witch?”

“No!” Jolie made a face. “She had a broom, but she didn’t ride it. She just swept with it and would wallop me on the behind with it when I acted ugly.”

Charlotte giggled. “I wish you could come to Sophia’s birthday party with me.” She captured her cousin’s hand in her own.

“Me too.” Jolie stared at the ceiling. “Grandmother Dora says I’m a shame and a disgrace. I’ve tried to be better. I stand up straight and I don’t talk back. I haven’t played in the dirt all week.”

Charlotte sat up, placing her hands on her knees. “When we grow up, Jolie. We’ll go to parties all the time. We’ll have them right here at Oak Hill.” She spread her arms wide. “Grand parties and we’ll wear beautiful clothes and fine gentleman will come to call on us.”

Jolie giggled. “Do you think we’ll ever get married?”

“Oh, yes.” Charlotte put her hand under her chin and batted her eyes.

“My mama and papa weren’t married. He loved her, though.” Jolie was certain of this. Although, the thought did bother her.

“Charlotte! Charlotte! Come downstairs this instant. It’s time for you to get dressed!”

Charlotte and Jolie stood, dusting off their dresses. They could hear Lisette ascending the narrow staircase. “Jolie, are you up here?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I want you to get downstairs and stay in the kitchen. Help Cook get ready for dinner and don’t come into the parlor under any circumstance. Do you hear me?” By the time she finished her speech, Lisette was standing on the top step looking Jolie hard in the eye. “Charlotte, did you finish your lessons?”

“Yes, ma’am. Mr. Cryer said I did a fine job. Why doesn’t Jolie have to take lessons?”

“Jolie doesn’t get to take lessons. Why would we waste the money?”

Jolie bowed her head. She didn’t like to be the topic of conversation. “I don’t mind. I’ve already completed the level that Charlotte is working on.”

This bit of information didn’t seem to make Lisette happy. “You have no need for an education!”

Jolie didn’t argue, she didn’t know if she did or not. All she knew was that she missed her family. Her real family. The relatives she lived with now didn’t make her feel welcome. As she made her way slowly down the stairs, keeping out of Aunt Lisette’s way, Jolie wondered if she’d ever feel like she belonged anywhere again.

The buy link for the preorder is:  myBook.to/Godsend

As you can see, I have a lot to do! Have a good week.



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Connected by blood ties and bonds of friendship, the Hell Yeah! world chronicles the lives and loves of a family of Texas men and women, the McCoys, who live by the code of the cowboy. Adventure, unabashed sexual tension and tender intimacy plays out in a saga of stories that offer action and humor, all set in scenic locales from the Hill Country of Texas to the mysterious bayous of Louisiana. The plots of the tales are as varied as our own lives can be, but the world is one where right prevails, love conquers all, and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.
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Well, I’m haunted. I knew I was in the past, but that was in the old house back home. In this modern structure I’m living in, I really hadn’t thought much about paranormal happenings – as much as I like them.

But last night…

Last night, I was working away, it was about midnight or a little after and I was writing on RYDER’S SURRENDER (which is about to go up for preorder) and I’d turned off the TV because I usually like to leave in on CNN or HGTV while I write, just for noise. But since it was Saturday night, there wasn’t even news to watch! I was lying there in the dark, working, when - - all of a sudden…the TV comes back on! It hadn’t been sleeping, it actually came back up with the ATT U-Verse Life is Good logo. While I was staring at it, a question came on, “Are you still watching netflix?” I answered out loud. “No!” Then, I shut the TV back off and laid there a few minutes, feeling spooked. Finally, I turned the TV back on, so I wouldn’t lay there and worrying about it coming on by itself. What a night!

Considering the events of last evening, one would think I was nuts if I tell you that I went to the movies this afternoon to see LIGHTS OUT – a scary movie! But it was good, right down my alley. I enjoyed it and even got a tidbit of inspiration for a book. The boyfriend in the movie is one that I would jerk right out of the pages, he wanted her to say he was her boyfriend, he wanted to stay over, he wanted commitment – HE EVEN LEFT HIS  SOCK IN HER DRAWER so he’d be able to think about leaving something of his there when he was gone. He was a doll! And he didn’t get killed! So, I shall work that little tidbit into my book that sorta fits that scenario, MAKE ROOM FOR INDY. Love it!

Well, let me invite you to our FB event to celebrate the Hell Yeah! Kindleworld launch, which is coming up – August 11th.


And if you haven’t seen the trailer, go feast your eyes on this:

And GODSEND – is up now up for preorder!
Have a good week!

Well, it’s been a good week and I’m looking forward to another. I finished one book and am about to complete another one. LOVE ME, I DARE YOU will be released early this week, probably Tuesday, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – which in central Texas is always a fair to middlin possibility. TEXAS MAVERICK is so close to being through that I can see the whites of Maverick Cross’s eyes and I can tell you, I don’t mind looking at him either. To celebrate finishing the newest Hell Yeah! I went out and bought some BBQ, then stopped by the Container Store to get 3 wicker boxes to store things on that otherwise escape me – like…my glasses, the TV remote, my pen and plot notebook, my allergy medicine – you know, the essentials of life. My last stop before coming home was Petsmart to buy Mojo a Thundershirt. He doesn’t have anxiety when it thunders, not like Abby Grace, but he has horrible anxiety in the car, even though he begs like crazy to get to go somewhere. The ‘science’ behind the shirt is that it hugs the dog tightly. I was skeptical, but desperate. Once I purchased it, I put it right on him and his usual bat-shit-crazy display was reduced by at least half, if not more on the way home. I’m hopeful it will be the answer. I worked last night till 3 am on the final read of DARE before turning it over to the editors - - so, my next big step for today…is to take a nap.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. 
                                                              Here are the two covers:
                                               Now, sit with me and sigh for a few seconds.

 Oh, yea. And here’s the blurb for LOVE ME, I DARE YOU.

Joshua Long, World Champion Cowboy, is known wide and far as the ‘cowgirl whisperer’. His looks are fallen-angel handsome and his talents in the bedroom are legendary. Josh prides himself on being able to give a woman sheet-clawing, back-arching, toe-curling multiple orgasms. But at the peak of his career, Josh loses it all when his knee is shattered by a one-ton bull and his reputation is shredded by a scorned woman. After investing blood, sweat, and years into the rodeo, he has lost his career and the lucrative sponsorships that went with it. Returning to his hometown of Kerrville, a place he hasn’t always felt welcome, Josh is uncertain of the direction his life will take. But sometimes fate is kind and the lifeline that we need to hang onto our hopes and dreams appears just within our grasp. Josh has such a moment when he walks into Isaac McCoy’s HARDBODIES bar. There, surrounded by old friends who offer him a second chance, Josh’s gaze lands on a beautiful, blue-eyed redhead who draws him like a moth to a flame. Emma Zachary has lived life on a dare. There is nothing she won’t try, she grabs onto happiness with both hands, embracing every moment of joy she can find. Unwilling to accept the hand that life has dealt her, Emma refuses to let her blindness hold her back. She intends to make all of her dreams come true, especially the ones that include a certain cowboy who seems to always be there when she needs him. Emma longs to know what it’s like to be loved, so she takes a dare and bids on a date with rodeo Romeo, Josh Long. What she discovers is that one night in Josh’s arms will never be enough. Josh is tired of his reputation. He wants to be more than his father’s son; he wants to be more than just a buckle-bunnies fantasy man. Joshua wants a woman who sees him for who he really is, failures and all, and loves him anyway. Emma is tired of being alone. She needs someone who will look beyond her faults and want her in spite of the challenge she faces. Their journey together is filled with laughter, tears, danger, and sex hot enough to set the Hill Country of Texas on fire.
Join Emma and Josh as they learn the true meaning of love.
I dare you.
A Hot Read for Happy Trails!

The second installment to the Hell Yeah! series, Sable Hunter has written a story filled with hope; where love wins out. The story proves everyone is worthy of being loved for who they are ~ not what the world expects them to be. Hot on Her Trail leaves you feeling good and happy. Can be read as a stand alone, but it it would be a shame to skip the first Hell Yeah! book Cowboy Heat. --Teresita, Amazon reviewer

Hot on her Trail
Sable Hunter does a great job keeping you interested and on the edge of your seat! Enjoyed!- Vicki, Amazon reviewer


Jacob McCoy wishes for a wife and a family. Tis the Season for miracles when a young woman shows up on his doorstep: homeless, in danger and expecting a child - Jacob's child. 

Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, A - they've never met before and B - she's a virgin. Jessie is determined not to be a burden to the McCoy family. As far as she's concerned, she is just passing through. Jacob has a different opinion - he wants Jessie in his life, in his bed and in his heart.                                                                    A sweet and spicy romance with another McCoy brother.

The Key To Micah's Heart (Hell Yeah!)
Micah Wolfe is one cocky, sexy, son-of-a-gun. He wears many hats–former intelligence officer, Equalizer, rancher, and a secret career that’s about to become public knowledge–erotic writer Don Juan. To most he seems like an open book: flirtatious, audacious, and devil-may-care. But there’s a side of Micah that he keeps locked away. He’s been hurt, suffered loss, closed away parts of his heart so no one will have the power to hurt him again. But the winds of change are blowing… 
Madison Fellows is at the end of her rope. For every step forward she gains, life knocks her back two. She can’t even stay in her own apartment because she doesn’t feel safe from her flighty mother’s abusive husband. But sometimes the storms in life push us to the perfect place at the perfect time–Cinderella meets the man of her dreams when she least expects him. Madison runs to a homeless shelter where Micah is volunteering. Seeing her struggle to protect what little she has, he loans her a simple item that will become an unlikely symbol of their love. A lock. An ordinary lock. 
Micah has no shortage of beautiful women; he attracts them like flowers draw bees. But there’s something different about Madison–she’s real, she’s sweet and he fast becomes addicted to her taste. Join them on their journey of love fraught with adventure, intrigue and steamy to-die-for sex. The quintessential bachelor meets the woman he can’t forget–the woman who’ll hold The Key To Micah’s Heart. 

**CONTENT WARNING: This book contains adult language and sexual situations. It is intended for audience 18+ ONLY**