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What could a rough, tough cowboy and a beautiful ex-nun have in common?
Not much, but opposites attract. 
Oh, hell yeah, they do.
Denver Bolden thinks the sun rises and sets in Bryn Harmon’s smile and he’s bound and determined to make her his. Once he’s tasted her kiss, he can think of little else. The woman is a fascinating mix of innocence and sensuality. Wooing her becomes his obsession and the passion they share is something he’s unwilling to give up.
Regardless of the cost.
As secrets are revealed and mysteries arise, it seems their chance at love might slip away.
Could a miracle bring them together?
Only heaven knows.

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For those of you who loved HER MAGIC TOUCH, here is another hot cowboy story with a touch of the paranormal. I think you’ll like Bryn as much as you liked Cady, and Denver is a keeper, for sure.

Here’s the blurb, the cover, the pre-order link and an excerpt

.What could a rough, tough cowboy and a beautiful ex-nun have in common?
Not much, but opposites attract. 
Oh, hell yeah, they do.
Denver Bolden thinks the sun rises and sets in Bryn Harmon’s smile and he’s bound and determined to make her his. Once he’s tasted her kiss, he can think of little else. The woman is a fascinating mix of innocence and sensuality. Wooing her becomes his obsession and the passion they share is something he’s unwilling to give up.
Regardless of the cost.
As secrets are revealed and mysteries arise, it seems their chance at love might slip away.
Could a miracle bring them together?
                                                                          Only heaven knows.

Bryn gets a driving lesson! For you Ryan O’Leary fans, he is co-authoring ONLY HEAVEN KNOWS with me and this is one of his scenes. All I did was come in and tweak it a bit, we call it Sableizing, so it fits in seamlessly with the scenes I write. But you’ll know, this one has Ryan written all over it.
“Not so fast, little girl. A vehicle is like a lady. You gotta take care of her. Learn what oil she likes and make sure she’s always fed the right fuel. There’s more to driving then just hopping behind the wheel and going vroom.”
Bryn was feeling practical and eager so she stated the obvious. “Well, I don’t own a car. Remember? So, none of that matters, I just want to go vroom.”
Denver tapped a finger on his lips. “Well, you’re right about that.” Opening the driver’s side door wide, he gestured for her to climb into the seat. Guiding her in with a helping hand, he struggled to keep his free hand from spanking that sweet tush of hers. “Put your hands on the wheel.”
Bryn extended both arms but she could barely touch the worn leather. “It’s kinda far.” She sat up as straight as possible. “And I can’t see over the hood.”
“Well hell, I’ve probably got at least a foot on you.” Reaching down beside her, he pushed a button and Bryn’s seat moved up and nearer the wheel.
Denver again smiled to himself at how cute she was. “Better?”
“Still a little far from the wheel.”
“We might need to get you a booster seat. I think I have a tractor manual or two in the tool box. Maybe you can sit on those.”
Bryn wanted to swat him but she was loving how the steering wheel felt under her fingers. “I can see the road well enough! Let’s go, you’re as slow as Christmas.”
“You are a hyper little thing, aren’t you? You comfortable? Feet reach the pedals okay?”
Bryn pumped the gas and the brake pedal with both feet. “They can. I’m all set.”
“One last thing. Hands off the wheel.” Pulling the seatbelt out, he started to guide it across in front of her. When Bryn fidgeted with excitement, Denver’s left forearm grazed across her breast. “Oops. Sorry.”
“It’s okay.” The feel of his body rubbing against her chest sent a charge to Bryn’s feminine area and her thighs began to tingle. She wished he’d do it again, but the click of the belt finding its home put an end to the closeness of his hands to her body. Dratz.
Coming around to the passenger side, Denver slid into the middle of the cab seat right beside her.
“Do I need to adjust my mirrors or anything?”
“Look at you, knowing things,” Denver said with a smile. “Hit those little buttons on the armrest beside you until you can see out both side mirrors.”
Bryn fiddled with the buttons, bringing the mirrors in and then down, then up, then down again.
“This is cutting into your vroom time,” Denver told her when it became apparent that she was just tickled by the technology.
“I know, but it’s so much fun.” She played for a moment longer and then put her hands in her lap. “Okay. I’m done.”
He took a minute to show her where the signals were located and how the brake and gas pedals worked.
“Left side stops. Right side goes.”
Bryn repeated at his insistence. “Left stop. Right go.”
“Perfect. You are the best student I’ve ever had. Ready to fire it up?”
Bryn tried to bounce up and down in her seat but the belt caught at her motion and held her in place. “Well, I guess the seatbelt works.”
“Yea, it looks good.”
“Never mind.” He tried not to look at how the seat crossed right between her breasts, and how they both looked so round and soft to touch. “Here you go.” Denver held out a silver keychain shaped like the state of Texas. On it hung one single key to the truck. “Slide it in and turn her on.”
God. He felt so dirty after saying that, but he couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to sink his cock all the way inside of the sweet, little honey sitting beside him. Luckily for him, Bryn was so innocent that again, his slightly sexual phrase didn’t register with her at all.
Bryn snatched the key and stabbed it into the ignition. Cranking it, she held in the start position for much longer than she needed to and Denver cringed at the noise the engine made.
Turning to face him, Bryn’s mouth formed an O. “Was that bad?”
“Rookie mistake,” Professor Bolden told her. “I should’ve explained a bit better. Now, you’re going to pull that little level I showed you on the steering wheel.” Bryn grasped the gear shift and was about to pull it down into gear. “Hang on!”
Bryn took her hand off the shifter and the wheel as fast as she could. “What? What did I do?”
“Foot on the brake before you put it in gear.”
“Phew. I thought I blew up the engine or something.”
“Nope. Just always have the brake on. Go ahead and put her in gear.”
Bryn eyed the letters in front of her on the dash. Tentatively, she pulled the truck into gear and felt it lurch a touch. “Oh! It moved!” She turned to the handsome man beside her. “It moved Denver! I drove a bit there for a second.”
“Yes, you did. A full quarter of an inch. Now how about we go a little further. Hands tight on the wheel and ease your foot off the brake slowly.”
Suddenly, Bryn’s excitement was replaced by uncertainty and doubt began to creep in.
“Are we gonna go today?” Denver asked after watching her hesitate for a few moments.
Bryn checked her mirrors once, twice, and then a third time. “Are you sure nobody is coming?”
“Miss Bryn, this road has very little traffic. We could sit here all day and I’d be surprised if we saw a mule pulling a cart go by, let alone traffic.”
Another mirror check was called for. “Okay. Here I go.”
Letting her foot off the brake slowly, the truck began to move forward.
“Good. Good. Just take it slow and when you’re comfortable, give it a little gas.”
She did exactly as he said and when she felt comfortable, Bryn pushed down on the gas with considerable force and the truck took off, nearly lifting the front tires off the ground in the process.
“Sweet Jesus!” Denver was instantly pinned back against his seat.
In the panic of the moment, Bryn hammered the gas pedal even harder, burying the needle and they were off.
“Brake!” Denver shouted as they careened toward the side of the road.
Bryn went over what he had said in her head. “Left stop. Right go.”
Lifting her foot off the gas, she brought it down hard on the brake and Denver slid forward, bracing for impact with a hand on the dash. “Sweet Jesus!” he repeated, feeling the crunch of his wrist as it bent backwards.
“Oh, my goodness, Denver! Are you okay?” She looked on as the hunk beside her tried to right himself.
“Brake!” Denver hollered again when Bryn lost focus and lifted her foot off the pedal. Again, he was jarred forward when she stomped on the brake one more time. “Could you please do me a favor, darlin’? Could you put the truck in park for a second?”
Bryn scrambled to put the gear in P then took her hands off the wheel and sat back in her seat cringing. “I’m so sorry.” She watched Denver get out of the car. “Denver. I am so, so, so sorry.” She raced around the front of the truck to his side.
Bent at the waist, Denver was clutching his damaged wrist with his other hand. “It’s okay. It’s my fault.”
“Are you hurt?”
Straightening himself out, Denver turned his back so she wouldn’t see the grimace on his face. “It’s an old injury. I just aggravated it. It’s not your fault.” His wrist felt like a hive of bees was buzzing under the skin.
Bryn felt terrible. When he turned around to face her, he tried to mask the pain with a smile, but she could still see it.
“Let’s try again shall we?” Denver said.
“Let me see.” Going to him, Bryn reached her hand out and Denver gave his willingly.
“See? I’m okay.” He let her touch it, fighting back the anguish when she moved it slightly. “It always hurts when I bang it or jam it.” Denver could tell she felt awful and he didn’t want her to feel even worse. “I bumped it the other day. That’s probably when it happened. Just re-aggravated it a bit is all. I’m fine.”
Bryn wrapped her tiny hands around his big wrist. “Your skin feels warm. Let me hold it still for a moment. This might help.” Concentrating her focus, she kept her face as neutral as could be, her mind dwelling on his pain. She didn’t do something like this often, Sister Mary Estelle had warned her how dangerous it could be.
People won’t understand and if word ever gets out what you can do, you’ll never be able to do anything else.
She understood what the Sister tried to teach her – but this was different – this was Denver. Giving his wrist another soft rub with the palm of her hand, she asked, “Is that better?”
He lied, it still stung like hell, but Denver wasn’t going to admit it. “Yea, it is, actually.” He flexed it and covered the pain the movement caused. “So? Shall we try again?”
Her enthusiasm for the moment had waned a bit, but Bryn was still eager to get back behind the wheel. “Are you sure?”
Denver was already pulling open the passenger’s side door with his uninjured hand. “Do you know what you did wrong back there?”
“I hit the gas too hard?”
“Yes, and the brake too hard.”
Bryn’s smile was now totally gone.
“You’re brand new, Bryn. It was a reasonable mistake, baby. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Okay? I probably did the same thing my first time and so have millions of other people. Don’t get so down on yourself. Like anything, it takes practice. There’s a lot going on and all at once. Driving well takes time, but I know you can do it. So, let’s saddle up and try again.”
“I’m sorry,” Bryn reasserted when she was behind the wheel again and buckled in.
This time Denver fastened his seatbelt. “Don’t worry about it. Now, whenever you’re ready, pull us out.”
Bryn was laser locked on what she was doing this time. She went through her list of things to remember, there was no way she would make the same mistake twice. Slipping the truck into gear, she let off the brake and when the truck started to move, she gently put her foot on the gas.
"I’m doing it, Denver! I’m driving!”
Denver was grinning from ear to ear. He had to reach out once to make sure she was pointed in the right direction, but Bryn took to driving quickly and they eased down the road at a comfortable pace until she wanted to pull over and turn around.
By this time, the pain in Denver’s wrist was completely gone. The relief didn’t register with him until Bryn asked if they could turn the radio on while she drove.
“Sure. A little background noise never hurts.” Denver stuck out his injured hand and flipped on the radio. His confidence in Bryn’s driving was growing by leaps and bounds. He even felt comfortable enough to suggest she drive them to her place.
Pulling the truck into her driveway, Bryn was beside herself with excitement. “I just drove myself home.” She put the vehicle in park and turned to Denver. “Oh, thank you Denver. You have made me the happiest girl in the world.” To heck with what people might think about her exuberant gratitude. Scooching across the seat, she locked her arms around his shoulders and gave him the biggest hug she could manage.
“You did good,” Denver told her when she pulled back. Looking right at her lips, he wanted to kiss her so badly he ached. Only the memory of her rejection kept him from trying again this soon. He didn’t need a gratitude kiss, he ached for her to need him as much as he wanted her.
Bryn froze, thinking he might kiss her. Hoping he might kiss her. When the moment passed and he didn’t, she was filled with disappointment.
When he began to speak, she trembled a little. 
“I was thinking I could come replace a few boards on your porch one night soon. Would that be okay?”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to take advantage of our friendship.”
“I’m doing these things for me, Bryn. I worry about you. I lay in bed at night thinking you might step through your porch and twist your ankle or something.”
Bryn flew back into his arms. “You are so incredible, Denver Bolden. The day I met you was the best day of my life.”
Denver cradled her to him, trying to calm his body. He wanted her so much. “You’re welcome, love.”
When she stepped out of his arms this time, Denver took his leave, promising to call her when he could finalize their plans.
“See you soon.” She waved a goodbye.
Once he was in his truck, he lifted a hand in farewell. “See you later, little girl,” he said, watching her reflection in the rearview mirror until he could see her no more. “You’re gonna be the death of me yet,” he whispered as he rubbed a hand over the rock-hard erection in his jeans.
Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. The preorder link is below and it will release on November 8th, just a few weeks away.

Love, Sable.
Preorder: Only Heaven Knows: Hell Yeah!

<![CDATA[MONDAY MINUTE – Inspiration]]>Mon, 18 Sep 2017 11:16:22 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/09/monday-minute-inspiration.htmlSHE’S EVERYTHING releases today! I am so excited. This is the first book in the Cowboy Craze series featuring the Blackhawk brothers – Daniel, Ezekiel (Easy), Samuel, and Benjamin (Benjen). These handsome men are all kinds of sexy. This is a spin-off series from Hell Yeah, set in the same area, and the characters in CC do run into characters from the HY world. In She’s Everything, Sara is befriended by Ryder, Pepper, Molly, and Cato. Jaxson also makes an appearance and we get a hint at his upcoming book – A HELLUVA MAN.

I wanted to write a book where the hero takes one look at the heroine and is lovestruck. BAM! Ha! I think I pulled it off, you can let me know if you agree. I spent a day or two roaming around the setting of She’s Everything and I want to share some photos with you.

Below the photos is the cover, blurb, and link to the product page.

I am absolutely entranced by the corner of the world where I live. Most of my books, save for the ones set in Louisiana or East Texas are set within an hour’s drive from Austin – some north, some south, etc. She’s Everything is set near Kingland, Texas, just north of Austin.

So, are you ready?

Sit back and let me show you where Daniel and Sara’s love was born and grew to exquisite fulfillment. 

                                        This is Packsaddle Mountain where Blackhawk Ranch is:

                                     This is how the mountain looks with their Llano River frontage:

                Here is a shot of the side of the mountain, close to where the lightning bolt hit:

                                      This is the Slab where Daniel and Sara went swimming. 

 When Daniel found Sara, this is where she was working and living in the storage room. I called it Rev. Mike’s Dam Pub, but as you can see Jim is the real culprit.

When Daniel told Sara about the battle on Packsaddle Mountain where his ancestor was killed in the last skirmish between settlers and the local Native American tribe, he told her how he and his brothers were accused of defacing this marker that talked of the event. The vandalism actually occurred earlier this year:

When Daniel takes Sara to see the land where he wants to build her a house, it’s in an area called Baby Head mountain, which is named for a horrific murder of a small child, supposedly by Indians, but that has since been questioned. Anyway, here is the marker about Baby Head and below that is a place on Baby Head mountain that I imagined could have been Daniel and Sara’s one day. 

This is the restaurant where Daniel and Sara went to eat after visiting Zane Saucier’s law office in Austin. This is the original house where TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was filmed.

Here is the Longhorn Caverns where Sara told Daniel of her history and this is the formation that reminded her of Benjen’s little dog, Hope. 

This is the Seaquist House in Mason that I called Callum House, that supposedly belonged to Sara’s mother’s family. These folks owned the Topaz Fields in Texas. 

This is where Daniel proposed to Sara at Gorman Falls, near Lake Buchanan. And below that is her wedding ring, using a Texas Topaz stone. 

Here are the dinosaur tracks on the river near Daniel’s house that they saw when they were thinking about how they’d leave their mark on the world. 

And this is where they got married, this castle isn’t too many miles from the Dam Pub, if you can imagine that. 

And this is the beautiful cover and the blurb - - I hope you will enjoy reading it and looking back on these photos to illustrate the story. 


Daniel Blackhawk never believed in love at first sight until he falls for Sarah Riley like a ton of bricks. From the moment he sees her rush out into a busy highway to save the life of a little child, he knows she is the woman for him.

Daniel isn’t the only one who’s captivated. Like a bolt from the blue, Sara is struck by the handsome cowboy who insists they are meant to be.

He’s hard to resist, especially when he sets his mind on proving to her how good they can be together.

There’s only one problem, Sara isn’t free.

She’s been hurt, tricked, and abandoned by someone she trusted, so making herself vulnerable again is a difficult choice.

Laying his heart on the line, Daniel sets out to show Sara he is exactly who she’s been waiting for all her life. He wants to be her champion, her dragon-slayer, and her knight in shining armor – all rolled into one.

With exquisite attention to her every need, Daniel begins to woo her – making her happy, keeping her safe, proving that there is nothing he won’t do for her. Their chemistry is off the charts, the heat between them is irresistible.

Sara is Daniel’s everything.

Their happy-ever-after seems assured…until the unthinkable happens.

When their world falls apart, only the power of love can save them.


Thank you so much for sharing my world with me - - inspiration - - you never know where you’ll find it. Hint - - I’ve been watching Outlander and there will be a hint of Jamie Fraser in Benjen Blackhawk. 

<![CDATA[Available for Preorder! KING'S FANCY by SABLE HUNTER]]>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 10:39:35 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/09/available-for-preorder-kings-fancy-by-sable-hunter.htmlPicture
Hotter than Hell Yeah! Sable Hunter’s Wild West is a series where cowboys are king, yet their women can bring them to their knees. Full of adventure and heart-tugging emotion, these books have enough sensual heat to start a Texas wildfire. Holding out for a hero? Look no further, meet seven men you’ll never forget: King, Boone, Clay, Gentry, Domino, Jericho, Reno, and Joss. 

Kingston Ramsay needs a good woman, even if he doesn’t know it yet.
Building a life in the wild west can get mighty lonely for a man who has vowed to never fall in love again.
Lonely days. Lonely nights. Lonely bed.
Lucky for him, he has friends who are determined to help him out. While King agrees to hire a housekeeper, his compadres decide he deserves more - a beautiful wife, ready and able to fill those lonely hours with all the excitement he can handle.
Not telling King about his surprise…might have been a mistake, for when Fancy arrives, she isn’t exactly what they bargained for when they arranged for a mail-order bride for their friend.
Half-starved and homeless, Fancy Grace is ecstatic for a chance at a family of her own. In her estimation, Kingston Ramsay, the man who has chosen her, is the epitome of perfection. She can’t believe her good fortune and is determined to make him the happiest of men…until she learns the truth. 
Kingston didn’t choose her, he thinks she is there to make his bed, not warm it.
Determined to make the best of her bad situation, Fancy sets out to prove she can be exactly what King needs. She might not be a beauty, but she has plenty to offer the right man. Sparks fly in this battle of the sexes when these two strong-willed individuals clash. King is forced to reevaluate his definition of perfect when he learns a valuable truth - sometimes true beauty can only be discerned when looking through the eyes of love.

<![CDATA[August 12th, 2017]]>Sat, 12 Aug 2017 13:16:21 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/08/new-release-on-amazon.htmlPicture
Lily's Mirage: Hell Yeah!

Lily Bastien comes to mysterious St. Phillips Island for a last fling with life. She knows her future is uncertain and love is not in her stars. Here, in a cottage haunted by lost love, she will discover a secret that will rock her world. A ghost from the past is not the only unexpected visitor to her private sanctuary. Imagine her surprise when she finds Sexist Man Alive, Blade Jensen, naked in her bedroom. They clash, at first, but soon they can’t fight the attraction they feel for one another. Sparks begin to fly and the passion they share changes everything. Lily can only dream of forever, but Blade is determined to make her dreams come true. To protect the man she loves, she tries to hide the painful truth from him. But fate finds a way and Blade and Lily learn that sometimes a love is so great, one lifetime together could never be enough.

<![CDATA[DREAMWEAVER:HELL YEAH!]]>Mon, 03 Jul 2017 11:45:18 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/07/newrelease-dreamweaverhell-yeah.htmlPicture
Dreamweaver: Hell Yeah!
Amazon http://amzn.to/2oAVgVr
Kobo http://bit.ly/2oZfARz
iBooks http://apple.co/2opOH6a
#rockerromance #westernromance #hellyeah #sablehunter

Was it a dream or just the edge of reality? 
For a brief, shining moment, Pepper McCoy belonged to 
rock star Judah James. Completely.
The depth of their attraction stunned them both. Every moment they were together, electric heat arced between them like the sweetest fire.
And then everything changed... 
For reasons she can't understand, Judah pushed Pepper out of his life. He told her she just imagined their love, that none of it was real. He even brought another woman into the picture to prove to Pepper that their time together was a lie. 
And Pepper might believe him, if it wasn't for the adoration in his eyes anytime she finds him watching her unaware. 
Even the songs he writes are filled with the words of love he once whispered in her ear.
No... something is wrong. 
                                                                   Something isn't right. 

                                                                   Judah wants her, she can’t believe otherwise. 
                                                                   Pepper refuses to give up on love.
                                                                   And no one should be surprised...
                                                                   After all, she's a McCoy.

<![CDATA[Live on Amazon]]>Tue, 02 May 2017 11:54:28 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/05/new-release-live-on-amazon1.htmlPicture
Texas Holdem: Hell Yeah!
#sablehunter #hellyeah #romance

Tebow foreman, Lance Rogers, has stood by the McCoy family through thick and thin. Always a rock for his sister, Skye Blue, he has put everyone else’s needs ahead of his own.
But a man does have needs.
There are two things Lance wants more than anything:
to reclaim his stolen legacy, the Shenandoah Ranch
and Tricia Yeager, the most beautiful woman in Kerr County.
The ethereal blonde has kept Lance on a slow-burn for over a year and the day Tricia gives him the green light, he can’t wait to get her into his bed.
From the first moment she laid eyes on the handsome cowboy, there has been no other man in her dreams. Tricia is tired of postponing her future, she’s head over heels for Lance. Everything seems perfect, until the secrets they’ve been hiding come to light. By the time all the cards are laid on the table, only Love will hold the winning hand.

<![CDATA[ Live on Amazon!]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 01:29:23 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/04/new-release-live-on-amazon.htmlPicture
 TORO: Hell Yeah!
#hellyeahseries #romance #bullfighting
The bullfighter is a lady…and the cowboy is her man. Ole!

Bull Redford travels to Mexico to buy stock from a wealthy rancher, Don Luis Cortez. He’s sworn off women, having been burned by his ex-wife’s cheating and her cruel words meant to make him doubt himself as a man. Bull has given up on finding the perfect woman who will crave his touch and warm his bed.

Until his meets La Diosa, the Goddess, the masked lady bullfighter who brings the giant beasts to their knees. When fate throws them together, he is amazed at their fiery chemistry and he’s desperate to win her for his own.

But La Diosa is elusive…she has a secret.

Meanwhile, Bull meets Cortez’s beautiful niece, Isabella. When he finds himself attracted to her, he resists – she’s too young, she’s too rich, and his heart belongs to the lady bullfighter.

As we all know ladies…sometimes men are blind.

They can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes.

So, what happens when a former World Champion cowboy tangles with a gorgeous lady bullfighter?
Well, let’s take a peek…
Mesmerized, Bull Redford watched as the beautiful Matador stepped out of her red panties and waved them in front of his face like a cape. "I never met a bull I couldn't tame, Mr. Redford. What do you have to say to that?"
Licking his lips, he gave her a wicked smile. "I say, Ole! Bring it on, honey. You've got the bull by the horn."
Sure enough, sparks fly.
Danger, adventure, pageantry, and more hot sex than you can wave a cape at.

<![CDATA[April 01st, 2017]]>Sat, 01 Apr 2017 13:57:11 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/04/available-for-preorder.htmlPicture
Toro (The Hell Yeah Series) 
What happens when a former World Championship cowboy butts heads with a gorgeous lady bullfighter?
Well, let’s see…

Mesmerized, Bull Redford watched as the beautiful Matador stepped out of her red panties and waved them in front of his face like a cape. "I never met a bull I couldn't tame, Mr. Redford. What do you have to say to that?"
Licking his lips, he gave her a wicked smile. "I say, Ole! Bring it on, honey. You've got the bull by the horn."
Sure enough, sparks fly. 
Come join the party when a man who thinks his future has no room for a woman, meets the one woman he can’t live without. 
Danger, adventure, pageantry, and more hot sex than you can wave a cape at. 

<![CDATA[NEW RELEASE!!]]>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 11:52:10 GMThttp://sablehunter.com/4/post/2017/03/new-release2.htmlPicture
SPANISH EYES (Texas Heat) 

BN Amazon Kobo iBooks 
#westernromance #texasheat

When a gorgeous woman asks an unattached man for sex, he’d be a fool to tell her no.
Dr. Drew Haley sees a fool in his mirror every morning.
From the moment Drew gazes into the beautiful Spanish eyes of Angelina Alejandro, he is lost. Her intriguing blend of innocence and sensuality almost brings Drew to his knees.
When she begs for something he can’t in good conscience give her, Drew hurts his beautiful angel. He wants nothing more than to help her heal from the torture she endured at the hands of a madman, but in order to do so, she must agree to give him a second chance.
Angelina just wants to forget the humiliation her captors heaped upon her. Her work as a scientist put her in the crosshairs of a power-hungry Sheik who wanted to force her to use the knowledge she’d gathered to harm mankind. When she refused, his unique brand of torture stole Angelina’s self-control and her pride. Once she is rescued, Angelina only wants to hide away, to find healing on her own. But Dr. Drew has other ideas. He has a plan to tempt Angelina back into the land of the living and straight into his arms.