Presently, I’m working on KIT AND ROGUE, the sequel to my Rogue – Sons of Dusty Walker book released earlier this year. This is only my second attempt at writing a book about a couple AFTER I’ve given them the ‘happy ever after’ that they deserve. A book has to have conflict, so now I have to go into the well-ordered little world I created and mess things up. How in the heck am I supposed to do that? Well, it’s not easy, I’ll tell you that much – but I’m working on it. A week from today, Saturday the 2nd of October – Randi, Desiree, Jodi and I will have a party announcing the preorder for them, do some cover reveals and give away a butt load of prizes. Traditional stuff. And you all know that I had surgery this week which kicked my butt and my mind has been mush, but I have been working steadily.



Ginny Setsodi
12/29/2015 3:18pm

I loved the series about Dusty Walker with you & the other 3authors l would love to see the series continue with the children . I would also like to see stories about Zane & his family & Elijiah & Lucia as they continue with there lives together & with the continuing role in Kit & Rogue lives & the other Walker boys & wives

03/04/2016 2:18am

I like your book, very interesting ideas and endings there! Good work)


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06/20/2016 3:40am

Do you finished the Kit and Rogue?

01/10/2017 1:28pm

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