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I’ll See You in My Dreams (Hell Yeah! Series) by Sable Hunter
Zane Saucier is handsome, brilliant, powerful, a practicing cowboy and a successful attorney, but he cannot see. Presley Love is smart, intrepid, and attractive, but she wants not to be seen. Through legal battles, family affairs, and a fight to make it in the world, these two unlikely partners discover a true love greater than any obstacle. No wall is too massive, no problem is too indomitable, and no eye sees as clearly as the heart. 



Cathy Gendron
02/23/2016 7:50pm

My favorite Mine in Cowboy Heat is .. TAG!!

Brandy Wilson
02/25/2016 11:38am

It's only free if you have kindle unlimited :(

Debbie Workman
02/25/2016 2:57pm

It was only free for three days.

05/07/2016 5:20am

Is it still available? I want to buy it.

05/13/2016 3:51am

Exploring the possibilities can help you tune into a better creative process when one those possibilities happens to work better than what you are already doing.

05/17/2016 4:05am

What about now? Is it free?

05/27/2016 4:50am

It was free only for 3 days!

08/29/2016 1:30am

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