Texas Lone Star (Available in the Cowboy Justice 12 Pack)
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Dallas McClain is a busy man – far too busy to fall in love. He is a Texas Ranger, a volunteer firefighter and a man with a plan to own his own ranch someday. But for now he’s chasing criminals and putting out fires – everywhere but his own bed. Dallas loves women, what he doesn’t have time for is a relationship or a family. Until… he meets Haley.
Haley Richards is under attack. Shots have been fired through her window, animals have been poached off her land and someone is rustling her cattle. If she doesn’t get help, Haley will lose her home. The local Sheriff can’t seem to help, so he calls in a Texas Ranger to do the job.
The moment Dallas meets Haley, sparks fly. They can’t seem to get along for a minute, but the attraction between them is hard to deny. Abandoned by her husband, she is struggling to keep her home and family intact. She doesn’t trust men as far as she can throw them, but Dallas seems to be different. Despite his aggravating personality, she can tell he’s a man of honor. And when her little girl, Sadie, decides Dallas is going to be her new daddy… Well, let’s say all bets are off. A determined female, no matter if she is pint-sized, is hard to ignore.



07/13/2016 10:21pm

I can already see how it's going to end. The main character, Dallas Mc Clain is probably going to end up with Haley after a chain of misfortune events. There is a typical cliche story of how both main characters won't get along from the start but will still end up together. Based from your description, Dallas is like a hard working man, that is not yet dedicated to finding love. Haley, on the other hand, is someone who prioritizes her daughter first before trying out another relationship. I will be looking forward into reading this book.

12/11/2016 4:32pm

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04/08/2017 7:12am

I think this is one of the most popular romance of yours. You are the best writer for me.

11/10/2017 3:46am

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