Let's have a little Friday fun with a #giveaway!
Below you will find two lies and one truth. Which is which?

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Tell me the one fact that you believe to be true.

   I have had a microphone hung in my mouth. 

   I have seen Gone With The Wind. 

   I have  had stitches. 

*All correct responses will be put into a hat and Mojo will choose a winner to receive their choice of  any one of my ebook titles (backlist)



07/12/2016 2:44am

Nice to be visiting this sablehunter blog really little Friday fun with giveaway thank you for updating and giving us best tips. Mainly I have got a lot of tips here about one fact that you believe to the true.

08/27/2016 7:45am

This blog would somehow looks captivating for me but with fears of being striking and thought-provoking. It would send a great message and further information to adults like us but must cautioned the young ones. However, I appreciate its significant ideas and challenges that which tackle our maturity. As normal human being, indeed I have enjoyed different ideas and tips here and find it entertaining indubitably!

02/04/2017 3:27am

Well I hope I will be your winner! This has something to do with maturity levels and understanding each context deeper. I choose the word "I have seen Gone with the wind" because it has mysterious and profound meaning for me. We all have walked in the way of darkness once in our life and gone with the wind but eventually had stood up and fought for evils. It is then we realized how hard life was and fortunately be able to put back our feet on the ground and our hearts and minds in the right place. To never give up and always think positively that life has unlimited opportunities to offer if we only allow ourselves to capture them.

04/08/2017 6:54am

Everybody love free stuff. If you would have an additional giveaway please inform me.


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