Let's have a little Friday fun with a #giveaway!
Below you will find two lies and one truth. Which is which?

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Tell me the one fact that you believe to be true.

   I have had a microphone hung in my mouth. 

   I have seen Gone With The Wind. 

   I have  had stitches. 

*All correct responses will be put into a hat and Mojo will choose a winner to receive their choice of  any one of my ebook titles (backlist)



07/12/2016 2:44am

Nice to be visiting this sablehunter blog really little Friday fun with giveaway thank you for updating and giving us best tips. Mainly I have got a lot of tips here about one fact that you believe to the true.

08/27/2016 7:45am

This blog would somehow looks captivating for me but with fears of being striking and thought-provoking. It would send a great message and further information to adults like us but must cautioned the young ones. However, I appreciate its significant ideas and challenges that which tackle our maturity. As normal human being, indeed I have enjoyed different ideas and tips here and find it entertaining indubitably!


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