Happy Monday! Or is that possible?
It's not my least favorite day but it's close. Since I don't go to an office or anything for a 9 to 5 job anymore, the days of the week sometimes run together. I had a pretty good weekend. I'm house shopping, I don't know if anything will come of it, but I do love to look. Writing wise, Ryan finished his last chapter in Texas Maverick and I will be finishing up that book soon.
It's the 5th one in the Texas Heroes Series.
I'm also progressing well on a Hell Yeah! that will be titled LOVE ME, I DARE YOU and Isaac and Avery will be featured in this book as well as a new couple, Josh and Emma. Sunday, I was able to spend a few minutes on the phone with Lexi Post and she was so nice. She's one of the authors that will be releasing a book in my Hell Yeah! kindleworld on August 11th. That is so exciting. The reader room is up to 605 people now and we're still growing. Lexi also hinted about a new paranormal project, that I might get to be involved in with her, and that made me happy. So, many good things are happening. I'm truly blessed. I have a list of books to write a mile long and no intention of slowing down.
I hope you have a good week too!
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Cindi Gallaher
06/13/2016 5:36pm

Can I be added to receive this blog in email?

06/13/2016 6:17pm

I am condo/house hunting,too!!!! I am anxious for the new books!

07/15/2016 6:14am

I am glad to hear that you had an amazing day and that you were inspired to write. Books are really captivating and has power that works through the minds of its readers. I am interested in the series that you are writing. Like other bookworms, reading is my favorite hobby, especially the books that come in series. Keep writing and continue to make the bookworms happy.

04/08/2017 6:57am

I hope to find this rare book of yours at my local retailer. Thanks.

10/03/2017 8:04pm

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