Another Monday? Where is the time going? It’s past the middle of June. Heck, we’ll soon be singing Christmas carols at this rate. I know someone who works in the local hardware store and they’ve already got their Christmas stuff in. It’s in storage, but the idea that its already on-hand worries me. I got out for a little while today, went to a place called Cherry Creek Catfish on Manchaca. It was good. I took the fish and fries out of the box, ate and ate, all the time wishing I had some tartar sauce. When I was finished I picked up the sack and found the tartar sauce at the bottom. Made me so mad…isn’t that the way it goes? I’m still in my broken recliner. I rode down to LazyBoy on South 35 and went in to buy one. I’d bought one there when I first moved to Austin, walked in, bought it and left with it in the back of the truck. This time, they told me I couldn’t do that, I had to order the chair and wait for it to be delivered – so I left without it. Sometimes I’m so grouchy, I hurt myself. LAST SHIP premiered tonight. Boy, do I love to look at that Eric Dane. They postponed the new shows from last week because of the Orlando Shooting, which I thought was a respectful gesture. This should be a good week. Tuesday I get to talk to Cynthia D’Alba about her new book for the Hell Yeah! Kindleworld. She’s told me a little bit and it sounds fantastic. And she’s using the sexiest man on her cover! Other than that, I’m just writing. I’m working on a book called LOVE ME, I DARE YOU. This one’s fun because not only do you get to meet a new couple – Emma and Josh, you also get to revisit with Isaac and Avery McCoy.
 Here’s a snippet:
 Josh was in heaven. He loved this part – the discovery, the flirting, the teasing. He kissed her long and wet – slow and deep – fast and furious, their tongues twisting, mating. He heard a desperate growling sound and realized it was coming from his own throat. Breaking the kiss, he skimmed his lips from her mouth to her neck, licking and nipping on the silky skin near the spot where her pulse fluttered with excitement. “Josh?” Emma whimpered, inhaling raggedly, her body pressing against his in a primal request. “Oh yea,” he groaned. “I think you’re ready for more.” He pulled on the tiny string holding her dress on one shoulder, then tugged on that intriguing curtain of lace, pulling it down past a pair of plump breasts barely contained with a sexy bra – mounds of creamy white flesh dusted with freckles. “Pretty, very pretty. Stand up and turn around.” Emma did so and Josh pulled the zipper down, allowing the dress to drop and pool at her feet. The only underwear she wore was a barely-there scrap of silk – white bikinis with a picture of a cowboy’s lasso on her heart-shaped rear. He smiled, then gently turned her so he could see the front. “So Many Cowboys, So Little Rope? Damn sexy. A woman after my own heart, love the saying.” “Are they pretty? Avery gave them to me.” “They’re better than pretty, they’re hot as hell.” He skimmed one finger beneath the top and drew it out, popping the elastic, making her shiver. “Avery has good taste in lingerie. But, honey, you fill them to absolute perfection.” You have a good week – be safe – and I’ll keep writing.

P. S. They caught the rock thrower who'd terrorized drivers on I-35. we wrote a fictionalized version of this in THE KEY TO MICAH'S HEART.
 Ryan and I wrote a fictionalized version of this,in THE KEY TO MICAH'S HEART. We caught the guy too, pretended it was Madison's stepfather. Well, the real guy was a middle-aged, white, chubby tow truck driver. Seems he was throwing the rocks from overpasses, oncoming traffic, from behind pillars - lots of places, then riding up to the parked cars of the people he'd almost just killed, offering them help. Makes you wonder about folks, doesn't it.



Katie Wright
06/20/2016 1:08pm

How soon can I get this book in my hot little hands? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sable Hunter
06/28/2016 9:39am

Any minute now!! Waiting on Amazon.

08/27/2016 12:19am

I love reading romance books. It sparks the fire and gives me hope that true love still exists. They all say that chivalry is dead. Because people just want to have one night stands and meet people on dating sites or to just meet a person because they don't want to be alone. I wish these stories still exist because people need to see that love is here and they have to wait for it.

Debbie Collins
06/20/2016 1:24pm

This snippet makes the book sound like it is going to be fantastic. I know it will be, and cannot wait to get my hands on this one!! Thanks Sable, you keep writing and I guarantee I will keep reading them!

Sable Hunter
06/28/2016 9:38am

Thank you- I appreciate you so much!

Christine LaCombe
06/20/2016 1:30pm

Your books sure do make me do some squirming, LOL. Very hot, can't wait, it sounds sooo good and love to catch up with Isaac and Avery too. :) <3 <3 <3

Sable Hunter
06/28/2016 9:37am

Thank you, Christine. I hope you enjoy it.

DJ Travis
06/20/2016 3:56pm

So hot! Can't wait for this story. Love hearing about the McCoys!

Sable Hunter
06/28/2016 9:36am

Thank you!

04/08/2017 6:53am

That is quiet impressive. I would search for this book at my local market.


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