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Connected by blood ties and bonds of friendship, the Hell Yeah! world chronicles the lives and loves of a family of Texas men and women, the McCoys, who live by the code of the cowboy. Adventure, unabashed sexual tension and tender intimacy plays out in a saga of stories that offer action and humor, all set in scenic locales from the Hill Country of Texas to the mysterious bayous of Louisiana. The plots of the tales are as varied as our own lives can be, but the world is one where right prevails, love conquers all, and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.
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                                           Hell Yeah!: Until There Was You http://a.co/4H4TApM
                                           Hell Yeah!: Cadillac Cowboy http://a.co/4spm8q3
                                           Hell Yeah!: Saddle and a Siren http://a.co/1I9SOFi
                                           Hell Yeah!: The Song Of Her Sighs http://a.co/2sYMkFt
                                           Hell Yeah!: Her Hell Yeah Cowboy http://a.co/9Q8pFrH
                                           Hell Yeah!: Boardroom Cowboy http://a.co/58YbJgr
                                           Hell Yeah!: Cowboy's Break http://a.co/gwUHvHe
                                           Hell Yeah!: Gun Shy http://a.co/dHCoj0G
                                           Hell Yeah!: Man of My Heart http://a.co/gjHwf2I
                                           Hell Yeah!: Seducing Sarah http://a.co/eGo14mv

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