Well, I’m haunted. I knew I was in the past, but that was in the old house back home. In this modern structure I’m living in, I really hadn’t thought much about paranormal happenings – as much as I like them.

But last night…

Last night, I was working away, it was about midnight or a little after and I was writing on RYDER’S SURRENDER (which is about to go up for preorder) and I’d turned off the TV because I usually like to leave in on CNN or HGTV while I write, just for noise. But since it was Saturday night, there wasn’t even news to watch! I was lying there in the dark, working, when - - all of a sudden…the TV comes back on! It hadn’t been sleeping, it actually came back up with the ATT U-Verse Life is Good logo. While I was staring at it, a question came on, “Are you still watching netflix?” I answered out loud. “No!” Then, I shut the TV back off and laid there a few minutes, feeling spooked. Finally, I turned the TV back on, so I wouldn’t lay there and worrying about it coming on by itself. What a night!

Considering the events of last evening, one would think I was nuts if I tell you that I went to the movies this afternoon to see LIGHTS OUT – a scary movie! But it was good, right down my alley. I enjoyed it and even got a tidbit of inspiration for a book. The boyfriend in the movie is one that I would jerk right out of the pages, he wanted her to say he was her boyfriend, he wanted to stay over, he wanted commitment – HE EVEN LEFT HIS  SOCK IN HER DRAWER so he’d be able to think about leaving something of his there when he was gone. He was a doll! And he didn’t get killed! So, I shall work that little tidbit into my book that sorta fits that scenario, MAKE ROOM FOR INDY. Love it!

Well, let me invite you to our FB event to celebrate the Hell Yeah! Kindleworld launch, which is coming up – August 11th.


And if you haven’t seen the trailer, go feast your eyes on this:

And GODSEND – is up now up for preorder!
Have a good week!



Charlene Whitehouse
08/01/2016 1:33pm

You're not alone when it comes to creepy. I was watching TV and doused off. I woke up with a start and my Dad's name was on the screen. He passed away in December of 2005.

08/01/2016 5:31pm

oh my goodness! That is amazing! I would love it and it would scare me at the same time!

08/01/2016 3:39pm

I love the cover!


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09/28/2016 5:15am

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