Maddie James writes romance - but don't try to pin her down to one genre! From edgy suspense to flirty contemporary romance to darker erotic titles, she just wants to silence the people in her head.

She is the bestselling author of forty-two romance titles published worldwide in at least seven languages. Available in ebook, trade paperback and audio, her titles span the romance genre from contemporary to paranormal romance. Winner of the Calico Trails Cameo Award, and the Romance Book Scene's Best Novella of the Year award, Maddie has enjoyed numerous Top Pick and 5-star reviews, and has been listed as a Top 100 Contemporary Romance author at Amazon. Affaire de Coeur says, "James shows a special talent for traditional romance," and RT Book Reviews claims, "James deftly combines romance and suspense, so hop on for an exhilarating ride."

Thank you, Sable, for inviting me to your blog today! 

1. Which three people (famous or otherwise) would you most like to invite to a dinner party?
Olivia de Havilland. I just think she’s one of the coolest of the old-timey actors.
My grandmother. The one I never met. I have questions for her. Besides, I think she would like Olivia.
Glinda the Good Witch. I like her bubble.

2. Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Wow. That’s a toughy. I’ve had a number of mentors. I have family members who support me no matter what. But inspire? I think my inspiration comes from somewhere inside myself. I don’t say that to be egotistical or narcissist – I say it because I think my inspiration comes from some place that I can’t quite define. Okay, better stop now before it gets weird. 

3.How would your best friend describe you?
Creative. Funny. Hard worker. 

4.How do you handle criticism?
In life? Sometimes well. Sometimes not. Generally, it depends on who the criticism is coming from, and the kind of relationship I have with that person. If I trust you, I’ll take all the criticism in the world and turn it around to a positive. If I don’t, well…  
Now, if we are talking about writing, that’s different. It all depends on how the criticism of the writing is handled. 

5. What three things do you need to be successful in this industry?
A thick skin. Because… Yeah. You know.
Patience. Even overnight successes take years to come to fruition.
Sticktuitiveness. Because you can’t give up.

6.What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
I’m a workaholic. I’m a workaholic. 
I’m a mentor and I’ll help others out all day long. Yet, I sometimes forget to do for myself. 
Oh, and puppies. I’m weak there.

7. What type of writing environment do you prefer?
I’ve learned to adapt. I’ve written in airports, hotel rooms, in my car, at work, and penned scenes on my cell phone. But I prefer to be in my “happy chair” in my sunroom, with my feet up and my laptop on my lap. Total quiet. No music, no TV, no people talking around me. I like the sound of silence. That way, the people in my head get their say.

8. What was the first romance you read that stuck with you and why?
Gone With the Wind. And I’ve been trying to change the ending ever since. Drat Rhett Butler.

9.Other than writing, what do you like doing in your spare time? 
Gee. Spare time. Hm. I work full time, write at night and weekends. If I do get some downtime, I love to cook. My guy and I also like old movies and to binge watch American Pickers on the History Channel.

10. What is the title of the last book you wrote? Tell us how you relate to one of the characters.
Seducing Sarah is the last story written. This is my story for the Hell Yeah! Kindle World. But the last book written that is available is Trust Me. Here’s the blurb and details.

What if you were the last blue-eyed woman?(Futuristic/Paranormal/Romance)

The year is 2095. The Americas Revolution has ended. And Cyan Sebastian—the last blue-eyed, Caucasian woman known to exist in the Western hemisphere—is on the run. Her safe and sequestered life ripped apart, she is running with a man who has sworn to protect her. A man who once hunted her for the bounty she would fetch. The man whom days before, killed her father. 

Devin McCrae is that man. Having tracked Cyan and her family for years, Devin never dreams her father will one day drop her in his lap, with a proposition he cannot refuse. He never imagines that instead of hunting Cyan for the bounty on her head, he will become her protector to the end, and safeguard her from all the others. 

Most of all, he never expects he will fall for her. If ever there was a woman who is hands off—Cyan Sebastian is that woman. Turns out though, keeping her hands off him, is the bigger problem. And it’s a deadly one, at that. 

And an excerpt:  

McCrae crossed the room. “This doesn’t change anything.”
Cyan threw her arms into the air. “It changes everything! My face is plastered all over the country. The world, probably. I can’t make a move without someone noticing me. And everyone will be looking. Watching! A goddamned bounty on my head?”
McCrae shook his. “Cyan, you and I both know there has been a bounty on your head since the day you were born. Nothing different. But you are in danger. We both are. A new, different kind of danger. Have been. More now that it’s hit the media. This is a game changer. We have to be cautious.” And I need to make contact with Chaco—if he is still alive…..
She turned away, hurling her body toward the wall. “Fuck! I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to do this anymore! I want my life back. I want my dad and my fully barricaded home. I don’t want to see anyone. I want to read and paint and play music. I want to feel things. Good things! I want my life back, dammit!”
She was close to tears, he could tell. Close to spilling over. Losing it. Tired, he imagined, of the humming awareness of danger spilling over into every facet of her life.
“Or I don’t want it at all!”
“What? Life?”
“Yes. I’d just as soon die—”
He reached for her. “You don’t mean that.”
She bolted backward. Eyed him. Glared. “Don’t touch me.”
He exhaled. “Look. I’m sorry, but that life is gone, Blue.” He paused, searching her eyes. The contacts were in. Damn, he missed the turquoise. “But you want life. I assure you, things will get better.” And who am I to reassure her of this?
Those brown eyes narrowed. “Get better? What the fuck, McCrae? My life is shit. I haven’t even lived a life. It’s true what that newscaster said. I’m still a goddamned virgin. I’ve been sequestered away without any choice all of my life. I have no home. No friends. My mother has been gone for years. My father is dead, thanks to you. And now I have to rely on you to protect me? My father’s murderer? What the fuck do I have to look forward to? Tell me. Seriously. Because I don’t know.”
Devin watched her fists clench, unclench. “It won’t always be like this, Cyan.”
She laughed. “The hell it won’t. It’s been like this since the day I was born. You have no clue.”
“Actually, I do know. And believe me, things could be worse.”
Her laughter pitched higher, slightly hysterical. “Seriously, McCrae? My father died this week, and guess who killed him.”
Devin’s gaze shifted to the brown-stained rug. “He told me to kill him.”
“He told me to kill him, Blue,” he said louder, and then lifted his gaze back to hers. “He feared he could no longer protect you. The life you, he, and your mother had lived for so long had taken its toll. He didn’t want to go on, couldn’t bear to see you suffer the same fate as your mother. He asked me, under certain circumstances, to kill him. And I did as he asked.”
He growled and batted at the light switch. The room sank into darkness. He hadn’t wanted to go there. Fuck.
A glimmer from the fluorescent light in the bathroom flickered through the crack in the door. Cyan decided to leave the door ajar. She needed the light on. Didn’t want to be left in the dark any longer.
Yes, dammit, she needed a night-light.
Chase away the boogieman.
Thing was, the boogieman was probably going to sleep beside her in a few minutes. She wasn’t eager to face McCrae after that last revelation.
Her father had wanted to die. Told McCrae to kill him. Knowing that gripped her heart and wouldn’t let go. He couldn’t take the pressure, yet she was expected to go on, in the hands of her father’s killer?
“He was a good man. Been through a lot.” She stood in the dark, watching the flicker.
“Who am I to judge? I’m not like that.”
“I don’t know what you are like. I barely know you.”
“Your father knew me better than most people, I suspect.”
She glanced over her shoulder. “He knew many things. It was his job.”
“He was protecting you. He did it for you.”
“Yes, that too.” Sudden exhaustion was setting in, her knees weak.
His voice came from behind her. “I’m sure your entire family has been through a lot.”
She huffed out a breath. Shook her head. “I watched them take my mother. I saw more than she knew. It wasn’t pretty.”
McCrae cleared his throat. “I’m sorry.”
“It was terrible.” Cyan turned toward him. “Can’t you see why I would be better off dead? It’s only going to happen to me too, one day. Either I’ll be raped or…worse. Dying might be a piece of cake.”
He touched her shoulder. She jerked away.
“Some days I think that too, Blue. About me, I mean. I expect my death will happen on its own terms though. I have no desire to rush it.” She heard a grunt and then the groan of the double bed as he fell into it. But she stood fast. Standing, staring at the damn crack of light in the door. Her back to him. Not knowing what to do, which way to turn.
His voice came to her on a feather-soft whisper. “Blue. Lay down. Go to sleep.”
Involuntarily, her head lurched toward him at his words. “I….”
Resigned and tired, she slowly lowered herself to the edge of the bed. Not too close to him. Then after a few minutes, still staring at that small beam of light coming through the door—her safety net—she sank onto her side, her head cradled in a dank, smelly feather pillow.
It felt better than anything she had experienced in a long time.
Within seconds, she slept.

Maddie James writes romance – but don’t try to pin her down to one genre. From edgy suspense to flirty contemporary romance to darker erotic titles, she just wants to silence the people in her head. Find out more at www.maddiejames.com.



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