Yesterday was 9/11, a day that will stay with all of us forever. No matter how you felt about the war and all that came after, the sight of those buildings coming down and the knowledge of the lives that were lost and the families that were shattered broke your heart. We all commemorate huge moments in our own way – whether it’s watching news reports or TV, attending memorial services or doing what I did – taking part in an activity designed to make you remember, make you think in a unique and touching way.
Austin has a custom, it’s unofficial, but people come together to remember 9/11 by climbing the 99 stairs that lead to the top of Mt. Bonnell. They don’t do it just once. In order to pay tribute to all who lost their lives, in both towers, they walk/run the equivalent of running up both twin towers, 220 stories. To pay proper homage, they climb Mt. Bonnell 44 times. 

Now, not everyone – like me – could make it 44 times. I have a family member who did, but some folks do it in teams. Either way, while you are trudging those stairs, you have plenty of time to think – and to remember.

Mt. Bonnell is a neat place. I’ve mentioned it several times in my books, most recently TEXAS MAVERICK, the first time in UNCHAINED MELODY. Mt. Bonnell is the highest point in Austin, overlooking the Colorado River. Just downstream is my bridge, the one just outside my front door – Pennybacker, so this is my stomping ground. Having this event take place here meant a lot. 

Here’s a news report and film on yesterday morning’s event.

There are two other names for Mt. Bonnell, one is Covert Park, because the land was given to Travis County by rancher, Frank Covert. But the history goes back farther than that. Legend has it that Mount Bonnell was once called Antoinette’s Leap, after a young woman who leaped to her death to avoid capture from Apaches who had just massacred her fiancé. There’s another intriguing tale of Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, and instrumental into bringing the territory into the fold as a U. S. state, went up on Mount Bonnell with a Texas Ranger friend of his. He, supposedly, slapped the Ranger on the back and said, “This spot is so beautiful, it has to be the place where Satan brought our Lord Jesus Christ up on the mount to tempt him with riches and beauty.”

Nevertheless, Mount Bonnell is beautiful – as Mojo and Abby can attest. 



Linda Henzel
09/12/2016 10:35am

Austin is on my bucket list of places to visit!

09/12/2016 2:33pm

Thank you for sharing. This is a wonderful memorial for a very sad time in our history.

09/22/2016 11:59am

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I have been meaning to write something like this on my website and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

12/07/2016 9:58am

I miss my opportunity to visit covert park. I'm feeling sad now.

12/30/2016 10:05pm

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11/19/2017 1:16am

Death is also a blessing when you get old and wants to say, its over now and i have lived a good life. If you really want to believe that world is everything then i think you have no faith in bible.


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