Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, I still call Sin City home. I’ve always been a sucker for romance novels and movies, especially romantic comedies. Writing is more than just words to me it’s captivating slices of characters’ lives and sharing them with the reader. I’m a firm believer that heroes and heroines had a life before page one of any story and their past as well as life experiences, made them who they are.

Coming from the southwest I have a major soft spot for cowboys, but also love suspense, a bit of intrigue and kick-ass heroines. Of course, there is always the time to slip in a good paranormal. I try to keep my writing diverse and always on the naughty side. Happy reading!

1. Which three people (famous or otherwise) would you most like to invite to a dinner party?
My great aunt Rosie, the woman called an ace an ace and would be the life of the party., she lived well into her 90’s and often in her later years considered wine breakfast food. As for the other two…hmmm good question. I think it would be John Candy, my fave comedian of all time and Lucille Ball. Because at best I am a “Lucy”.

2. Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Those that have believed in me. My surrogate aunts and my husband, Mr. Silvers. He believed in me when we were “Just Friends.”

3.How would your best friend describe you? “Lucy” or “Chaos” both are fitting. I can take down an innocent display of luggage tags in record time. Like all over the floor disaster…yeah, I’m that good.

4.How do you handle criticism?
With a grain of salt.

5. What three things do you need to be successful in this industry?
And most of all belief in self. If you don’t believe in yourelf. No one else will. Trust me on this.

6.What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
I believe in me.
I believe there is still good on the world.

I live and love cuteness.

7. What type of writing environment do you prefer?
Quiet. Except for Music inspired. Oh yeah the play list is diverse
8. What was the first romance you read that stuck with you and why?
Only A whisper by Gayle Wilson

9.Other than writing, what do you like doing in your spare time? 
Design clothes and sew. I was a designer before I was a writer.

10. What is the title of the last book you wrote? Tell us how you relate to one of the characters.

Boardroom Cowboy – OMG, I am just as klutzy as the heroine.

Hell Yeah!: Boardroom Cowboy (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Cowboys & Candy Book 1)

CEO Vanessa Lockhart has had her fill of controlling men. So when she decides to take a few days off in the Lone Star State to kick up her booted heels with a little shopping and a night on the town, she doesn’t count on meeting Carson, getting ruthlessly kissed, or ending up in bed with the cute cowboy. A two-day Texas fling? Why not? A girl only lives once. After all, she’ll have something for her memoirs—until she goes back to work in Nevada to meet her new CFO…and in walks her Texas cowboy. Vanessa’s divorcing one man and doesn’t need another—too bad Carson has other ideas. 

Carson Cutes didn’t plan to pick up Vanessa at the bar or spend two fun days and two hotter nights with the beauty. But it isn’t an issue since she blows out of town without a goodbye. When his godfather asks for help with his new hotel venture—he never expected to end up in Las Vegas or for the CEO to be the one woman he can’t get out of his mind. What’s a cowboy to do? He doesn’t believe in love at first sight—but now has doubts. How can he convince a girl under neon lights that she holds his Texan heart? 


“He better not be spending money,” Carson barked.
“Online auction,” Hailey stated blandly.
Vanessa’s heart slammed to a stop the same time the car cut two vehicles off and damn near drove crossways through a lane and a half of traffic. “Son-of-a-bitch are you trying to kill me?”
“I knew you wouldn’t be happy,” Hailey groaned.
“Not you, the hot rod happy cowboy who thinks this is a speed way.”
Carson growled. “You told me to get off at Tropicana.” Oh yeah, the hotty was pissed. Oh well, so was she. Currently though, she wasn’t sure if it was at The Captain or Carson or a combination there of.
“I did, but I didn’t tell you to try killing us and eight other people in the process!” She sighed and her heart started to pound. It matched the one starting at her temples. “Hailey, what kind of auction?”
“Oh, hell! You did not say auction!” Carson all but bellowed. He hit his hand against the steering wheel, snaked his tongue across his teeth then set his jaw. If she thought he was mad before, Vanessa figured she’d just seen a new layer of the cowboy’s temper.
“Are you two quite through over there?” Hailey asked, sounding relatively calmer than she had when she first called. 
She chose to ignore the sarcasm in her friend’s tone. “What kind of auction?”
“An aircraft auction.”
Carson glanced over at her. “What the hell is he bidding on?”
She blinked at him as he turned to focus back on traffic. However, the expression filled with apprehension on his handsome face matched her own feelings at the moment. “Aircraft,” she choked out above a whisper.
His foot hit the brake and they came to a sudden stop.
“Could you be more careful!” she snapped.
“The light is red,” he barked back at her. “Would you have preferred me to go through it?”
Vanessa sighed and she tuned back in to Hailey’s voice. Too bad she’d missed part of what she had said due to the road raged cowboy. “What did you say?”
Hailey inhaled a deep breath. “I said a private jet, currently sitting at forty-eight million and change.”
She wasn’t sure what was going to kill her first. The Captain’s spending or Carson’s driving. “He’s buying a private jet?” True, the question was redundant, but she wanted to be totally clear and make sure she wasn’t being delusional or had misheard.
“Yep,” she replied with a great deal of trepidation in her tone.
“Like hell he is!” Carson roared as the light changed. “Hold on!”
Before she could respond, his foot hit the gas and they took off with a jolt. Vanessa gasped and wasn’t sure if they would make it back to the office in time to stop the spend-happy Captain or if they would die in a car accident. If she did live, she might want to call her attorney and see if he did criminal law because she would be needing a good defense.
I’m going to kill Carson and The Captain both.

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09/15/2016 1:16pm

Kandi Silvers is like your typical writer. I kind of agree with some of her answers. I also don't handle criticism that much. I am defensive when it comes to being judged by my literary works. I also like how she prioritized believing in yourself as the number one characteristic needed in order to be successful. I hope that she creates more novels as she seems like a very creative person.

06/12/2017 8:47am

I have never been in Las Vegas before. I always wonder if it is the same as various movies portray. I feel like that place is always full of energy. In fact, for me it can also be named as the city that never sleeps. I enjoyed reading your blog post. I feel like you are lucky to be living in Las Vegas. I hope you can share more about this experience and post photographs as well.


I sort of concur with some of her answers. I additionally don't handle feedback that much. I am guarded with regards to being judged by my scholarly works. I likewise like how she organized trusting in yourself as the main trademark required keeping in mind the end goal to be effective. I trust that she makes more books as she appears like an extremely imaginative individual.

01/04/2017 6:26pm

Something has gone bad when I browsed this page a few hour ago. But now it seems that there's nothing happen. Anyway, it's very interesting story. Love to read.

04/26/2017 6:18am

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Very interesting looking post and I must appraise your efforts to write this post.

07/10/2017 8:11am

She wasn’t sure what was going to kill her first. The Captain’s spending or Carson’s driving.


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