This book will break your heart…then mend it back together again.
BECAUSE I SAID SO crosses the world of the TEXAS HEROES with the beloved characters of Hell Yeah! to teach the eternal lesson that everyone deserves a second chance at love.
As far as Brodie Walton is concerned, his life was over the day his beloved fiancé was killed in a senseless mass shooting. He doesn’t deserve happiness. He doesn’t even know how to go on. To give his life meaning, he seeks to save others as a first responder, so their loved ones won’t face the sorrow that he lives with each day. His plan seems to be coming together…until he meets his new partner.
Shane Wilder jerks the rug out from under Brodie Walton, sending him reeling – awakening feelings and emotions that he has no desire to experience again. This baptism of fire brings out the worst in him. He lashes out at her, when all he really wants to do is hold her close and never let her go.
Shane has been through the emotional wringer herself. After her divorce from an unfaithful husband, she’s sworn off men…until she meets her handsome, cantankerous boss. When Shane discovers why he’s thornier than a bramble bush, she sets out to show Brodie he has a right to be happy, she wants nothing more than to give him a reason to live. 
Yes, sometimes…Love Hurts. 
And sometimes, it’s the only thing that will save you.



11/29/2016 5:42am

Thanks for sharing your insights in this book. People have a lot of demands and unsatisfied needs. One of this popular need is the need to be loved, romantically. We are wired for love, either we admit it or not. That is why I find most books are in the genre of romantic fiction.

12/07/2016 10:02am

Yes, this is a glorious book that saves me! Thanks!

03/02/2017 1:18pm

I just don't like crossovers. It is hard to connect the different books and styles.


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