Love Found a Way (Hell Yeah!)
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At six-foot-six and two hundred-fifty pounds, T-Rex Beaumont covers the ground he walks on and men step aside when he passes by. Raised in an abusive family, T is convinced he’s inherited his father’s dangerous temper. He’s resigned himself to being alone, so afraid he’ll hurt someone he loves…until his world is turned upside down by a woman who won’t take no for an answer.
Glory Bee Hudson has her own set of issues. She’s a wanderer, a modern-day Gypsy who has made a habit of trying to outrun the things that threaten to conquer her. Childhood leukemia. An uncaring family. A heart that isn’t nearly as strong as her spirit. But no matter how hard she tries, Glory can’t escape her uncertain future.
When these two meet, sparks fly. T sees a temptation he must resist and Glory sees a man who doesn’t know his own appeal. Determined to convince him he’s worthy of love, she pursues T with unrelenting fervor. After being hit by Hurricane Glory, he succumbs, unable to resist her beauty, sweet sexiness, and joy of life. Both agree their liaison is temporary. Neither see love and a future in their stars.
But fate has another idea. The impossible occurs. Love finds a way to give them exactly what they need – each other.

*Content Warning--this book contains adult language and sexual situations. It's intended for audiences 18+ ONLY*



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nice blog

02/08/2017 8:31pm

Love Found A Way is an interesting story. I really like to read love stories. I am curious about what will happen if the two characters meet. I am curious how will they overcome their problem there. I will surely get a copy of this on Amazon and I will share this with my friends also. Thank you for sharing this and I am looking forward for more of your posts about love stories.

03/02/2017 1:05pm

Love always would find a way to your heart. This is something!

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Interesting blog.


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