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Ryder and Pepper McCoy are the pampered sisters of the Highland McCoys – Heath, Philip, Jaxson and Tennessee. The brothers have always been over-protective of the girls, vetting every man who is brave enough to even ask them on a date. Both sisters are spirited, giving their brothers a run for their money – but one is about to give them a heart attack. Two men are vying for the hand of Ryder McCoy, Samson Duke and his brother Gideon. But this isn’t a rivalry, the Duke brothers plan on sharing her. They are determined to lasso, corral, and mark the feisty filly with the DD brand. Resisting one of the Duke boys is difficult, keeping both of them at arm’s length may very well prove to be impossible. But who should she choose? One or both? Could she break one brother’s heart to gain the other? Ryder is torn between keeping the relationship with her family intact and following her own desires. To complicate matters, there’s more going on than meets the eye. The Dukes and the McCoys may very well have a common enemy. When Ryder becomes the pawn in a madman’s scheme, all of the men who love her will have to work together to save her. Still, entrusting their baby sister to the wild, powerful Dukes is not something the McCoy boys think they can accept. Will Ryder bend to her family’s and society’s expectations or will she surrender to what her soul and body craves? She soon finds out that true love doesn’t always follow the rules.



02/10/2017 2:31am

Understanding the summary, it makes me want to read this right away. I love the books created by Sable Hunter. This story looks like everything about honesty, heartfelt, love and laughter. Ryder looks like having hesitation on the choices she has to pick. This book is somewhat about McCoys and Dukes family. Dukes has an evil plan on Ryder and the McCoy brothers don't want their sister to be with the Dukes.

03/02/2017 1:13pm

I think this would be a perfect gift for my besty. A pretty good romance is what she need.


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