Connor McGregor is one helluva sexy man. He is handsome, smart, and richer than God. Everything he touches turns to gold. Best of all, he’s even a nice guy. The man really has no idea how perfect he is. The only flaw in this Prince Charming’s character is that he can’t see himself with just one woman, he has no intention of settling down. Why should he? His goal is to make as many women happy as possible. And so far, he’s succeeding.
Until one day…he accidentally kisses his partner.
His adorable, feisty, snarky little partner.
A kiss that changes everything.
Rey Cassidy is his right hand. The woman behind the man. Whatever he can envision, she can make happen. After the kiss, his focus begins to change. Business is not so important, playing the field is getting old. How did he overlook the amazing woman who was right under his nose?
But identifying her as his soulmate is just half the battle.
Rey knows him better than anyone.
Convincing her to trust him, to give him a chance, just might be impossible.



02/08/2017 12:06pm

Interesting :)

02/10/2017 2:50am

Interesting title and summary. It really captures my attention. My imagination was excited about what is going on in the story. I am really shaken up into this kind of story because my ex boyfriend is like him a crazy playboy who always want to have girls around him. This makes me excited because I want to know what is going to happen to him when he is already really in love in a girl that won't believe him because of all of the craziness that he do in his entire life. I will certainly buy this book on the store tomorrow because I am not into ebooks. Books excites me more than anything and I will surely love this.

03/02/2017 1:05pm

Oh my gosh. I laugh so hard when I first saw this title. What an amazing imagination))

04/11/2017 4:36am

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