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Connor McGregor is one helluva sexy man. He is handsome, smart, and richer than God. Everything he touches turns to gold. Best of all, he’s even a nice guy. The man really has no idea how perfect he is. The only flaw in this Prince Charming’s character is that he can’t see himself with just one woman, he has no intention of settling down. Why should he? His goal is to make as many women happy as possible. And so far, he’s succeeding.
Until one day…he accidentally kisses his partner.
His adorable, feisty, snarky little partner.
A kiss that changes everything.
Rey Cassidy is his right hand. The woman behind the man. Whatever he can envision, she can make happen. After the kiss, his focus begins to change. Business is not so important, playing the field is getting old. How did he overlook the amazing woman who was right under his nose?
But identifying her as his soulmate is just half the battle.
Rey knows him better than anyone.
Convincing her to trust him, to give him a chance, just might be impossible



02/14/2017 9:25am

From what I've read, many people liked this book. I am a fan of the romance and drama genre. I know that I'd enjoy reading this book. I really wish I can see more from the author. I am a fan of her work and I'm eager to read more from her.

02/16/2017 4:19am



Why they are always naked on the title? I'd love to see them in smocking or something like this.

03/06/2017 2:02pm

This looks interesting

04/21/2017 1:00pm

Great site and great writing.


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