SPANISH EYES (Texas Heat) 

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#westernromance #texasheat

When a gorgeous woman asks an unattached man for sex, he’d be a fool to tell her no.
Dr. Drew Haley sees a fool in his mirror every morning.
From the moment Drew gazes into the beautiful Spanish eyes of Angelina Alejandro, he is lost. Her intriguing blend of innocence and sensuality almost brings Drew to his knees.
When she begs for something he can’t in good conscience give her, Drew hurts his beautiful angel. He wants nothing more than to help her heal from the torture she endured at the hands of a madman, but in order to do so, she must agree to give him a second chance.
Angelina just wants to forget the humiliation her captors heaped upon her. Her work as a scientist put her in the crosshairs of a power-hungry Sheik who wanted to force her to use the knowledge she’d gathered to harm mankind. When she refused, his unique brand of torture stole Angelina’s self-control and her pride. Once she is rescued, Angelina only wants to hide away, to find healing on her own. But Dr. Drew has other ideas. He has a plan to tempt Angelina back into the land of the living and straight into his arms.



03/09/2017 12:54pm


I have read this book and it's really daring and sensual. The author had made a brilliant decision to publish Spanish Eyes because it's a total package. The plot twists and the events of the book are written intelligently. It's a mix of revenge, sensuality and mystery. This book should be strictly sold. Minors mustn't be allowed to read this for its explicit contents. I wish that the author decides to have it printed. Thank you very much for sharing this!

03/27/2017 7:43am

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04/08/2017 7:24am

The cover is stunning. White horse and red lips!

07/06/2017 10:06am

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