Dreamweaver: Hell Yeah!
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Was it a dream or just the edge of reality? 
For a brief, shining moment, Pepper McCoy belonged to 
rock star Judah James. Completely.
The depth of their attraction stunned them both. Every moment they were together, electric heat arced between them like the sweetest fire.
And then everything changed... 
For reasons she can't understand, Judah pushed Pepper out of his life. He told her she just imagined their love, that none of it was real. He even brought another woman into the picture to prove to Pepper that their time together was a lie. 
And Pepper might believe him, if it wasn't for the adoration in his eyes anytime she finds him watching her unaware. 
Even the songs he writes are filled with the words of love he once whispered in her ear.
No... something is wrong. 
                                                                   Something isn't right. 

                                                                   Judah wants her, she can’t believe otherwise. 
                                                                   Pepper refuses to give up on love.
                                                                   And no one should be surprised...
                                                                   After all, she's a McCoy.



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