Sable Says: It’s Just So Good To Be Bad

TexasWildfire-frontBeing good is highly overrated. Just think about it. You follow the rules, stay between the lines, do without that THING you want or the WHO you want and what happens? You live to regret it. I’m already sorry for some decisions I’ve made, just trying to be good and doing what was expected of me.

You know, Mark Twain said at the end of the day (your life) we won’t regret the things we did, what we’ll regret are the things we didn’t do.

Now, I could go back and rehash the mistakes I’ve made in the past, the times that I did what other people wanted me to do instead of what I longed to do, but that would be fruitless. It’s water under the bridge. I’ve always tended to try and please people, even when fulfilling their expectations of me causes me to lay my own desires aside. BUT NO MORE!

I want to start a movement, a wave, a revolution of people who choose to take steps to make their own dreams come true! Now, ‘being bad’ doesn’t necessarily mean – lol – breaking the law or getting shot by a jealous wife. Most of the time things we consider bad are things like spending money on ourselves, or maybe binge watching a show when there is ironing to be done. You might want to take that dream vacation you’ve been putting off because spending money on yourself is not something you’re inclined to do. You know what I mean. Take a chance – ask that guy out that you’ve been speaking to in the grocery produce department for the last six months – or be brave and tell your husband you’d really like to have more oral sex. Ha! Be bad!

My Dad always ate dessert first, just in case. I’m not sure what he was worried about happening so he would miss dessert – choking, running out of sweets or the rapture (ye old Baptist religious reference) but I’ve seen him skip the entrees, salads and vegetables and fill his plate with coconut pie and chocolate cake. After he’d had his fill of the good stuff, he’d go and eat something else, if he wasn’t too full I guess. When he died, that was one of the things I thought about, I’m glad he got to eat all of the dessert he wanted.

So join me, my fellow do-gooders. Those of you who have lived by the rules of always doing what’s expected, of putting others first, of letting what you want take a back seat. Let’s take a stand and decide we’re going to be bad for once – – or twice! Every day I want to get up and say, “what can I do that will make me happy today”. Believe it or not, I have spent years ignoring that very thing. When you live for others instead of living for yourself, you tend to get lost in the shuffle. And losing yourself is one of the saddest things in the world.

So, here we go. These aren’t New Year’s Resolutions, these are NEW LIFE Resolutions! I resolve to take more bubble baths. I will go to a convention next year, even if it kills me – ha! I will bring more flowers inside my home. I will kiss my dogs. I will buy an expensive pair of shoes. I will go out to eat more. I will take walks to see the sunset, even when my word count isn’t completely finished. Do you get my drift?

Now, let’s try not to go bankrupt, get arrested or cause a riot. ROFL. Instead, let’s WEAR MORE JEWELRY, DRINK MORE CHAMPAGNE, WINK AT MORE GUYS, HAVE MORE SEX, EAT MORE CHOCOLATE and make MORE DREAMS COME TRUE.

To enter this month’s contest for any ebook of mine you’d like to choose – tell me how you intend to put yourself first – for a change.

Here’s an example of me ‘being bad’ – sex hot enough to melt concrete.

FROM TEXAS WILDFIRE – on sale now, to be released on AUGUST 4th.

It wasn’t the way he looked at her, even though his intense gaze made her wet. It wasn’t the nice things he did for her, although his thoughtfulness made her feel important. She wanted Titan and the main reason was just…him. He was sexy, sweet, smart and hot as hell. By the time they were ready to go to bed, Makenna was so ready for him, she wanted to ride him like a horse. Her bold thought made her blush, but she just went with it. They’d been relaxing in front of the television. He’d been enjoying a glass of local Moscato, but Makenna had only taken a sip. Until she found out for sure about the baby, she wouldn’t risk alcohol.

But right now she wanted something more potent—him. Makenna took his glass from his hand and set it down. Standing up slowly, she walked to the door. It took a lot of courage, but she turned, giving him a heated glance. “Titan, I can’t wait any longer. I need you. In bed. Now.” Then, she just turned and walked to his room.

Titan didn’t delay long, only enough to come to his senses. He sprang from the couch, bounded up the stairs, kicked the door closed and ripped off his shirt in one mighty move. Makenna’s eyes widened, not only at all the muscle he’d exposed but because he was stalking her across the room like a great big cat. When he reached her, she kissed him right over his heart but eased away when he tried to catch her hand. “No, I want a chance to just…look at you.” Slowly, she started to circle him. “I’ve watched you, wanted you for so long. The day of the calendar shoot, I stood at the back of the room…and my panties got wet from looking at you. Just you. The only sex in my life that counted was what I’ve had with you.”

Titan went still. This was the sexiest damn thing he’d ever experienced. “You like looking at me about half as much as I enjoy looking at you.” But he wasn’t crazy. If Titan could make her a little crazier for him, he would. After all, he figured it would pay off—in bed. He tried to make it look natural, but he stretched a little, moved his body and flexed a muscle or two.

When Makenna came to his back, she gave in, using both hands to caress him from neck to arms, planting a kiss as high on his back as she could reach. And then she paused to skim her night shirt over her head, leaned in and rubbed on him, brushing her stiff hungry nipples back and forth across his back. As her face was pressed to his skin, she felt his chest rumble from a deep-throated growl. Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed against him, her hands beginning to move. “I want to be as close to you as I can get.”

Titan thought he could be still. He tried. Those small, soft hands of hers crept up from his waist and covered his pecs, rubbing, the palms caressing his nipples. He looked down. His cock was trying to push out of his pants. “You’re teasing the beast, baby.”

Makenna smiled against his skin. What was amazing about all of this was that he was powerful, a male animal in his prime. He could hurt her if he wanted to, but she had no fear whatsoever. Titan would cut off his arm before he would harm one hair on her head. “You’re so sexy, Titan. I’m wet for you.”

She didn’t make it around to his front by herself, she had help. He pulled her around, lunged at her mouth, taking both of her breasts in his hands. As he ravished her mouth, Titan tugged on her nipples. She arched against him, sliding one hand up his chest to encircle his neck. His mouth slid off of hers, spreading a trail of hot kisses over her throat and collarbone. She followed his lead, licking and kissing his throat, then his jaw. Her spare hand wasn’t idle, she teased his nipple, lightly scoring it with her fingernails. “Enough, babe, I’m dying.” With one easy move, he picked her up and carried her to the bed.

“Now the pants, cowboy.” She lay there, spread out and ready for him.

He wasted no time or movement, losing the jeans as fast as he’d lost the shirt. “Better?” He knew his cock was appreciative, it had been living in cramped quarters.

“Come lie on top of me. I need to feel your weight.” This she wouldn’t try to explain, but the sheer bulk of him on top of her made Makenna feel sheltered, enveloped—enclosed. No one could touch her when he stood between her and the world.

“Give me that mouth,” he growled, nipping her bottom lip, eating at her lips. Makenna reveled in his lust, clinging to him and kissing him back just as feverishly. When he pulled away, she thought she’d weep, but he moved down her body, ending up at her feet. Picking up one leg, he caressed the arch, kissing a path from ankle to knee. “Roll over.”

Makenna turned over so quickly, she hoped she preserved some sense of grace. She was so excited. Her arousal was flowing down the inside of her thigh.

“Up on your knees, face in the pillow.”

About two seconds after she’d done as he asked, she felt his mouth against her pussy. “Oh, yes, God, yes.” Not being able to see what he was doing just made it more intense. A lick from his talented tongue made her groan and when he spread her open with his fingers and buried his face in her sex she thought she’d black out. Makenna perched her ass in the air, pushing back, pressing her pussy into his face.

After that, all she could do was hang onto the sheet, because he made it his personal mission to make her scream—and he was very successful. Makenna came so hard she bit a hole in his pillowcase.

Titan couldn’t believe the sight before him. He’d hit the damn love jackpot. There was no sexier woman in the world. For him, she was it. Taking his engorged cock in hand, he fit himself into her cleft, sliding in her cream before pulling back and pushing the head into her opening ever so slowly.

Makenna almost said something about a condom, but she was weak. She was addicted to the feel of him. If something happened, it was on her. She wanted him, she couldn’t deny it. She wanted him forever. So, wanting his child was a natural extension. “More,” she whimpered and he worked his way in halfway. When he pulled back to thrust in, she countered his move, impaling herself on his big cock.

“Mercy!” he bellowed, as his body shook with the need to explode. “Hold on, I can’t stop now.” Grabbing her hips, he began to fuck her hard, covering her back, kissing her neck, grazing the soft flesh with his teeth. When she tightened down around him, milking his cock, Titan saw stars.

Taking her hips in his hands, he held her right where he needed her. Make no mistake about it, he might be on top, but she was calling the shots. At any time, if she gave any hint that she wanted him to let up, to stop, he’d cease and desist. Instead, she begged for him, “More, Ti, harder, more!”

Giving her what she needed, Titan hammered into her. Her little channel caressed him, milked him, burned him with her hunger. “Come for me, baby, I need you so much.” He slid his hands around to her front, one grasping a quivering globe, the other delving between her legs to find her clit.

Titan didn’t know if it was his words or his touch, but she bloomed for him, her body responding in the age-old way of a woman surrendering to a man. With a sexy cry, she came all over him, the pulsing spasms of her channel pushing him over the cliff—a stampede of sensation that kept his cock moving in and out of her long after the clasps of her pussy muscles had milked him of every drop.

Pulling out, he wrapped an arm around her and took her with him, him landing on his back and her spread on top of him like jam on toast. “Did I satisfy you, my Makenna?”

“Completely.” She sighed, relaxing fully against him. “Completely.”

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