Monday Minute

Well, it’s been a good week and I’m looking forward to another. I finished one book and am about to complete another one. LOVE ME, I DARE YOU will be released early this week, probably Tuesday, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – which in central Texas is always a fair to middlin possibility. TEXAS MAVERICK is so close to being through that I can see the whites of Maverick Cross’s eyes and I can tell you, I don’t mind looking at him either. To celebrate finishing the newest Hell Yeah! I went out and bought some BBQ, then stopped by the Container Store to get 3 wicker boxes to store things on that otherwise escape me – like…my glasses, the TV remote, my pen and plot notebook, my allergy medicine – you know, the essentials of life. My last stop before coming home was Petsmart to buy Mojo a Thundershirt. He doesn’t have anxiety when it thunders, not like Abby Grace, but he has horrible anxiety in the car, even though he begs like crazy to get to go somewhere. The ‘science’ behind the shirt is that it hugs the dog tightly. I was skeptical, but desperate. Once I purchased it, I put it right on him and his usual bat-shit-crazy display was reduced by at least half, if not more on the way home. I’m hopeful it will be the answer. I worked last night till 3 am on the final read of DARE before turning it over to the editors – – so, my next big step for today…is to take a nap.
I hope you all have a wonderful week.
                                                              Here are the two covers:
Now, sit with me and sigh for a few seconds.


Oh, yea. And here’s the blurb for LOVE ME, I DARE YOU.

Joshua Long, World Champion Cowboy, is known wide and far as the ‘cowgirl whisperer’. His looks are fallen-angel handsome and his talents in the bedroom are legendary. Josh prides himself on being able to give a woman sheet-clawing, back-arching, toe-curling multiple orgasms. But at the peak of his career, Josh loses it all when his knee is shattered by a one-ton bull and his reputation is shredded by a scorned woman. After investing blood, sweat, and years into the rodeo, he has lost his career and the lucrative sponsorships that went with it. Returning to his hometown of Kerrville, a place he hasn’t always felt welcome, Josh is uncertain of the direction his life will take. But sometimes fate is kind and the lifeline that we need to hang onto our hopes and dreams appears just within our grasp. Josh has such a moment when he walks into Isaac McCoy’s HARDBODIES bar. There, surrounded by old friends who offer him a second chance, Josh’s gaze lands on a beautiful, blue-eyed redhead who draws him like a moth to a flame. Emma Zachary has lived life on a dare. There is nothing she won’t try, she grabs onto happiness with both hands, embracing every moment of joy she can find. Unwilling to accept the hand that life has dealt her, Emma refuses to let her blindness hold her back. She intends to make all of her dreams come true, especially the ones that include a certain cowboy who seems to always be there when she needs him. Emma longs to know what it’s like to be loved, so she takes a dare and bids on a date with rodeo Romeo, Josh Long. What she discovers is that one night in Josh’s arms will never be enough. Josh is tired of his reputation. He wants to be more than his father’s son; he wants to be more than just a buckle-bunnies fantasy man. Joshua wants a woman who sees him for who he really is, failures and all, and loves him anyway. Emma is tired of being alone. She needs someone who will look beyond her faults and want her in spite of the challenge she faces. Their journey together is filled with laughter, tears, danger, and sex hot enough to set the Hill Country of Texas on fire.
Join Emma and Josh as they learn the true meaning of love.
I dare you.

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