Monday Minute

PictureMONDAY! I don’t remember what day of the week it is until Debbie asks me to do something that’s date sensitive. It’s 8 am, 81 degrees and I’m having my first cup of coffee. I am writing the epilogue today of a brand new Hell Yeah! short story featuring Aron and Libby & Heath and Cato called A MCCOY’S FAVORITE SPORT – just about 13000 words BUT with 3 sex scenes! – the story will be included in the Hell Yeah! Insider’s Handbook which will release in mid-August, to celebrate the launch of the first wave of releases for the Hell Yeah! Kindleworld. You need to watch for that, it will have a listing of all characters in the world, a synopsis of each original book, an excerpt that I chose, and some extra ‘insider’ info about how the book was written, it’s playlist, or what inspired it. There will also be recipes, some coloring sheets, information on the August launch books by the 10 other great authors, and the short story which will be available nowhere else – all for only 99cents!

Also 99cents is the price of the new boxset, HOTSHOT DESIRES, which includes my UNCHAINED MELODY – if you’ve never read it, now’s a good to get it, along with 5 other novels by great authors, at a rock-bottom price.

UNCHAINED MELODY was the 2nd book I ever wrote, and it’s a nod to Elvis. This was back when I was trying to convince a family member to write and I thought it would be a neat idea to write books where every hero was Elvis, but with a different name and occupation of course (just like his movies) so when you read it, you’ll find that Ethan is described as if he looks like Elvis. The other family member did write one book, but I stuck with the craft and now it’s 8 years and 50 books later. This one is still special though, I submitted it to Harlequin and they liked the idea well enough to request the full book, but turned it down because one scene was too ‘dark’. Oh well, that dark scene is essential and I’ve written scenes a lot darker since then – and the book is still out there and active – thank goodness.

Every woman’s dreaded monthly visitor has arrived to visit me today, and no – it’s not a mother-in-law! I’m working through the discomfort and planning on driving out to Lake Travis today to look at some houses. I’m always house-hunting. I intended to buy one out here by now, but when my lease was up last time, I was right in the midst of that episode of craziness I had after my surgery when I couldn’t sleep or stay indoors – not a good time to try and move – so I ended up signing another 13-month lease, so I can’t move until January. Today, I’m looking at houses but I’m actually just checking out neighborhoods because the houses I see today will undoubtedly not still be for sale this winter. Anyway, I’ll get out of the house, I need to do that every day or so to keep my sanity.

Ryan and I finished plotting LOVE FOUND A WAY, a HELL YEAH! about T-Rex (Revel’s friend who was introduced in YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND). We both agree that it’s going to be great, a real tear-jerker but with lots of laughs and lore and Louisiana mystique mixed in. Honestly – I love sharing with Ryan, a die-hard Canadian, my Louisiana and he never fails to connect with everything I throw at him. He’s the best writing partner ever.

PictureI had the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten over the weekend – a Hatch Green Chili Burger from Big Daddy’s on Burnet, here in Austin. It came with onion and pablano rings with some special sauce – I couldn’t eat it all, but I enjoyed every bite.

We were there to watch a family member do an eating challenge, a three- pound burger and a pile of onion rings. I swear he would’ve made it, if he hadn’t stopped to talk so much – he had two bites of an onion ring left when his time ran out. Oh well, I paid for his food, so he was still a winner – and I sure had a good meal. I’m going to go back and get that burger again.

Let’s see – what else is going on today…

I can’t think of a thing – I guess that’s enough. I’ll continue writing and you continue reading and think about me every once in a while – I get lonely over here in my writing cave.


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