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As the youngest of the Tebow McCoys, Nathan has his hands full meeting all of his older brothers’ expectations. As far as he can tell, the family already has his life mapped out for him. Live on the ranch, run the cattle business, and keep the home fires burning. The only problem is that Nathan wants more. He wants to be his own man, live his own life on his own terms. A clash of the Titans is inevitable.
Needing to cut the lead ropes, Nathan rebels against the plans his brothers have for him and decides to set out on his own. His dreams are haunting him. He knows there is something special waiting for him just over the horizon.
Since his near-death experience so long ago, Nathan keeps one boot on solid ground…but he can’t keep from sensing things, catching a glimpse of what other folks can’t see. His dreams tend to reveal truths before their time. For most, this would be a blessing. For him, the knowing can be burden. Feeling corralled, he longs to break away, to follow the winds of destiny wherever they may lead. What might surprise Nathan…is to find his destiny might not be a place, but a person.
Clare Connelly.
The ultimate free-spirit, Clare lives on a mountain top with a pet bear for company. A vision of ethereal beauty, she is a boho-princess who can’t abide boundaries. She intends to live to the fullest, to make each day count, to trip the light fantastic. Life is too short and tomorrow too uncertain to waste a moment.
From across the miles, the hearts of these two vagabond spirits call to one another. The cowboy and the boho-princess. When they meet, all bets are off. The possibilities for love…are endless.

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