My Hero

My Hero-AEvery woman deserves a hero.

Apple Wright’s world comes crashing down around her when she finds out her soldier husband has been declared MIA. After the agony of not knowing his fate, her grief is magnified when she reads his journal and finds out, that only was he planning on seeking a divorce, she’s destroyed to learn how boring and undesirable he found her to be. With her self-confidence in tatters, she intends to live a solitary life where she’ll never disappoint anyone else. After being let down by love, Apple thinks holding out for a hero is an impossible dream.

Until…a handsome, gentle, sexy hunk comes waltzing into her life, takes one look at her, and falls head over spurs in love.

He’s been holding out, just waiting for ‘Miss Right’ – and now he’s found her. At first glance, the handsome cowboy seems to be too good to be true. Half Apache, he straddles two worlds. No stranger to judgement and prejudice, the injustices he’s faced have only made him more compassionate. Once he sets out to prove his intentions are honorable, Apple finds her determined suitor is exactly what he appears to be.

With Benjen Blackhawk, what you see is what you get… 
…and what you see is definitely worth a second look.

Available NOW on Amazon.

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